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English Pub Style Bar Stools

English Pub Styled Wooden Bar Stools

Pub Style Bar Stools There is something extremely charming about old English pubs, as  the smell of beer and the wooden furniture can be quite intoxicating. Give wooden furniture a chance and opt for something traditional when it comes to…
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Fresh and Cool Indoor Chaise Lounge Ideas For 2021

Indoor Chaise Lounge I love the look of contemporary chaise lounges and how seating is combined with artistic and architectural elements.  Where most chairs are constrained by being boxy or geometrically square or rectangular, these pieces can flow in their…
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Finding Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Furniture in 2021

Finding Reclaimed Wood Furniture Those who seek reclaimed materials, recycled objects and/or repurposed pieces of furniture to stock their homes with the stuff of life are quick to explain why when asked, and their answers are usually simple logic: Why…
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10 Ways to Decorate a Home with Maps

Decorate a Home with Maps Decorating with maps is a fun way to show off your adventurous spirit and wanderlust.  There are so many amazing things you can do with a map to really add interest to a room and…
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