Little People Rectangular suspension Lamp

Inspired by the book Gulliver’s Travels, this lamps and screen collection is truly phenomenal. It brings to mind the people of Lilliput who the explorer met when he visited their island nation. Designer Kenneth Cobonpue uses metal rods to make tiny people. Afterwards, he coats the shapes with Salago fiber then entwines them to make the lamp and screen covers….
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Small and Unique; Agape’s CER690 Bathroom Sink

Stepping outside of the traditional, the CER690 conical bathroom sink designed by G. Benedini offers a unique approach to the often mundane. What sets this sink out from the crowd is that it’s a self standing cone of waterproof birch plywood mounted by the same fixtures. The dark oak veneer was the first thing that caught my interest, but I…
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Bathroom Luxury

Calvin Klein Bedding Set in Soft Blue Color

Bamboo Flowers is a popular bedding set from Calvin Klein. This set features soft colors highlighted by a warm blue with the decorative touch of flowers that are not too ornate. Bamboo Flowers’ colors are very neutral allowing for a lot of creativity in your overall bedroom design. The bedding set has 220 thread count and is available with the…
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Bedroom Ideas

Kitchen Utensil Storage Caddy from SimpleHuman

Here is a kitchen utensil storage caddy that is made of stainless steel which is designed to match your appliances. The SimpleHuman line is nice in that you can pick up any of the items and know that they will match. Each of their “stainless” series products feature a steel shell coupled with black trim. This caddy is a nice…
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Kitchen Ideas

Amanda Sideboard by Silik & Creazioni: Ornate Style

Are you in the market for a new sideboard? Take a look at the Amanda sideboard from Silik & Creazioni? It is a versatile piece you can use anywhere in your home. You can place it on the wall in your lounge or place it in your dining room for additional storage. It is an artistic and functional piece you…
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