Ceiling fans are an evil necessity. You need the light around the house and the occasion spin of the blades help to cool down warmer corner. The problem is the overbearing and dull traditional designs that cover most of these functional pieces. But that’s where are scouring and shopping comes in handy. We like the find cool, unique pieces and…
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Another Great Sink by Kohler

Kohler has another winner with the Yin Yang wading pool lavatory. The sink sports clean lines on a polished white surface. I particularly enjoy the shape of the basin being very much different than a traditional oval or round sink. Another great feature is the shorter depth of the basin which gives the sink a crisp modern feel. I also like…
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Bathroom Luxury

90 Platform Bed Pictures and Styles

90 Double Bed Designs and Bed Pictures Choosing the right double bed is something that has to be top of the list when it comes to getting it right. That is why we have put together an excellent list of bed pictures for you. After all, you will be spending many years and most of your nights to come, asleep…
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Bedroom Ideas

The Ultimate Blender : Blendtec Connoisseur Convertible A3-31E-BHM

If you believe in buying something only once then you may want to consider the Blendtec A3-31E-BHM Connoisseur convertible ultimate blender. If you have ever seen the demonstration of this countertop or built in blender then you know it won’t stop for anything. Blentec put the Connoisseur through rigorous testing and blending of hard and coarse objects that would destroy…
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Kitchen Ideas

Raw Dinner Table Changes Shapes Regularly

The Raw Dinner Table is a very simple and efficient dinner table design. We’re looking at a simple steel framework that sustains five planks of solid aged oak and, voila, that’s your Raw Dinner Table. So how can the Raw change shapes whenever you please? Well those five planks of solid wood we mentioned before are not locked down in…
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