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Ritter Volcano 5 Is A Slim Toaster Made Of Glass

Choosing The Right Toaster in 2021 With its contemporary styling and sleek ergonomics, the Ritter Volcano 5 Toaster will find favor among the design conscious demographic. However this toaster is now well out of date. Home appliances are no longer…
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Kitchen Sink Designs

Great Ideas For Your New Kitchen Sink Area

Throw In A Kitchen Sink The kitchen sink is a very important functional area in the design of any home. The fact is that there are many types of sink shapes and the accompanying counter top area on the market…
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10 Amazing Modern Kitchens

Kitchen Designs For The Heart Of The Home The art of kitchen design is intricately linked to how you will use the space. The old saying, form follows function, has a lot of truth to it. Design is not only…
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Italian Style Kitchen by Aster Cucine

In 2007 Furniture Fashion reviewed some really outstanding kitchens in the traditional and modern categories, and the great designs will keep coming in 2008. Here is an awesome design from Italian based Aster Cucine that is perfect for a high…
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Russell Hobbs Glass Toaster

A departure from the typical metal toaster, this model manufactured by Russell Hobbs adds an interesting twist as it is constructed from glass. In addition to its glass walls, this Russell Hobbs Glass Toaster features a slimmer design while still being…
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iCrystal Cool iPhone Speakers and Docking Stations

This new product called iCrystal really pops providing cool speakers for the iPhone. The pod speakers are set into a docking station available in white, red and black colors. The pod speakers are lit inside which creates a distinct appearance…
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Modern Kitchens And a Kitchen Remodelling Project

The Heart Of Any Home The kitchen is the heart of a home; it’s where meals are prepared, important conversations take place, and everyone gets the bulk of their nourishment, both physical and emotional. There’s something to be said for…
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Modern Kitchen Island white

Kitchen Island Designs and Ideas For 2020

Stylish & Chic Kitchen Island Designs If you’re lucky enough to have a roomy kitchen with the space for an island, then use that to your utmost advantage. Make sure it’s stylish, chic and super functional. It’s the perfect way…
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