Often people think wall art designs are way too aggressive for their tastes.  Moreover, it is easy to tire of one after a few years.  Those types of thoughts are very common.  It is natural to be conservative in decorative styles and that is usually in good taste.  Now, the more outlandish one reaches, then the greater likelihood for it being more on the bad taste side.  There is a risk-reward tradeoff to consider.  The risk is that it is bad, whereas the reward is something stunning that garners compliments from guests and family.  I have to admit that it takes courage to go out there on a limb and change a wall from paint to something more adventurous.  Today, we have pictures from ten lovely homes that show a wide range of styles and themes.

Unique and Hand Made Home Wall Mural

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Take a look at this one above.  By far this is the most abstract and unique of all the examples.  At first I was thinking maybe a fish, but the various elements are so different as is their combination.  The Realist painting adds another bit of intrigue.  I can see this in a museum for sure.

Floating Birds or Leaves in Living Room

The subtleness of the blue birds or leaves is soft and does not dominate the room layout in any way.  This is tastefully done and adds to overall charm and appeal.

Textured Wavy Lines Wall Panels in Brown

Wavy lines such as these can be done by hand or can be purchased as panels.  This is a great way to create texture and give a room more depth.

Stunning Wall Art Designs in Home

Seeing this idea for me was amazing.  This was my favorite of all the wall art designs.  I really like how the squares and rectangles are different shapes and sizes and come off the surface in varying degree amounts.  Imagine if this were done in a red or green color such as sage or sea foam.  That would be a sight to behold.

Cool Art Design in Master Bedroom

Huge Wall Clock in a Bedroom

Can it be said that the above image is timeless? Not to be trite, but the message indicates perhaps a person that has trouble waking up or needs extra motivation in their day.   It’s paired next to a great platform bed and the rest of the room is painted in a very cool fashion as well.

Tree with Leaves Painted on Wall

Gold Leaf Accents in Home Bedroom

Pablo Picasso Style Mural in Living Room

Living Room With Unique Art Design