ultra modern sunken living room

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What is a sunken living room exactly? Dropped down to a lower level than the rest of the home’s space, this design will be seen slightly underneath the path to the area. It won’t be on an entirely different floor of the home, but instead just a step down. Although it’s quite a classic styling, it’s also quite modern and funky in contemporary homes. There’s an openness and invitational spirit around these suggestions, which are perfect for family homes! Our focus today showcases 10 decorative ideas and pictures of sunken living rooms that illustrate how this style can be tasteful and elegant in any home and create a more interpersonal space between your family and guests.

big sunken living rooms

Located outside, this creative space is clean and chic but still very inviting. We love the solid, neutral foundation with the teal and mango pops sprinkled throughout the cushy sofas. This is a great plan for entertaining and enjoying each other’s company without a lot of fuss or chaos.

large sunken living rooms

Sometimes it’s not the entire interior that’s sunken, but instead, you can lower just the seating area. We’re absolutely in love this cozy design. The creamy white cushions offset the Moroccan-styled throw pillows that provide an ever-welcoming spirit to the level down.

living rooms with wood flooring

You can see from this shot above how the space drops a bit below the surface of the rest of the space – where the kitchen and hallway connect. We love how these rooms can be signaled off but still feel very inviting in spirit. And this particular pace has the neutral duo of browns and grays that inspire us.

open living room designs

Here’s another example of a very small idea, that’s almost like a cozy corner sectioned off from the house. It’s a classic, modern design filled with classic, modern furniture. It’s definitely a timeless look that will never go out of style and the entire family can enjoy.

round sunken living room pictures

Similar to one of its predecessors this seating space is sunken below the surface of this incredibly stylish and open home. This particular circular shape has such a unique and artistic presence that actually enhances the rest of the home. We love how this little nook was carved out and set apart to enjoy.

small sunken living rooms

This idea is found on the side of the home, instead of centered, but we’ve fallen in love with how it was decorated. Because it’s found off to the corner, it was easy to create a very casual and homey feel without taking away from the slickness of modern vision of the entire house.

sunken living room images

A smooth finish with the hardwood floors and gorgeous, open windows providing the best natural lighting money can buy, this model works for large rooms with a simple vision. And we’re really loving the small addition of the cushion seats used to sit on the outer edges of the level.

sunken living room with marble floors

Centered in front of the home’s windows, Step down to find yourself in a creamy, cozy area. This looks like a classic, West coast style but with the extra addition of the “sunken” accent. It gives it a fresh and modern feel without overpowering any of the casualty.

ultra contemporary sunken living rooms

Here’s another really eclectic version of this timeless idea. Although it could also look quite modern and sleek, the plush, colorful pillows, artwork choice and other various accents creates a youthful and funky vibe. Again, it’s not that the space is leveled down, in this instance it’s just the cozy, relaxing seating area.

white living room design

My personal favorite of the bunch, this space may be sectioned off and lowered away from the rest of the home, but it’s got so much personality in its neutrality that it’s incredibly inspiring. Whites, wooden pieces with touches of black, the contrast is gorgeous and the “low-down” version of the room creates a ultra fashion-forward appeal.