Danish Modern Furniture Ideas

What exactly is the Danish style? A bit modern, fashion-forward and youthful, it takes on a very innovative and artistic vibe. It’s easy to find focal pieces for your home when dressed in this theme but it’s even easier to create an entire room using its vision.

Every line is precise and clean, but with a clear personality and trendy vibe in mind. Let’s look at 12 Danish modern furniture ideas, pictures, and designs and see if something strikes your fancy!

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Time has evolved since the establishment of the Brdr. Krüger, yet our dedication to craftsmanship and passion for wood hasn’t changed a bit.

This little chair can be used in a variety of fun ways. In the home office, breakfast nook, in the foyer or even in your master bedroom to decorate a bare corner, this easy design is fun, youthful and completely outside-the-box without being overwhelming.


The Mikado chair, designed in 1996 by architects Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, is now part of the FDB furniture collection.

These chairs are too fun not to show off in an area of the house that guests will see. The breakfast nook, eat-in kitchen or dining room can get a major transformation with this innovative chair design. There’s something so futuristic and playful about this set, don’t you think?


The-Dream-Chair by-Tadao-Ando
Tadao Ando designed Dream Chair as a tribute to Hans J. Wegner. The chair is made of three-dimensional veneer

These chairs seem to defy gravity and you may even be hesitant to sit down in them, but don’t worry, they’re quite sturdy. If you’re looking for something to really transform your living room, go with something that will surprise your guests like these beauties! We even love the bold cranberry foundation.


The famous Shell Chair. Three-legged and beautiful; it’s a chair you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Another chair that can transform a dull nook or cranny. Jazz up the foyer, guest bedroom or formal living room with this famous Shell chair that doesn’t have four … but only three legs! It’s just another chic accent that enhances the Danish spirit.


The Safari chair has been a design gem since its debut in 1933. With its simple functionality, it has become a true modern classic.

As the captain states, this Safari chair made its design debut in 1933 and has been going strong ever since. It has a strong, classic foundation with a modern and chic style that fits throughout a lot of different styles and trends … thus becoming a timeless piece of interior design.


The brand new dk3 Plank Sofa is designed by Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes&Myhr in cooperation with the solid floor plank manufacturer DINESEN.

We love this sofa and we could shout it all day long. This design is classy and completely show-off worthy with its beautiful tone and structure. It’s innovative but not over-the-top, and it’s superfunctional for a variety of different spaces from apartments to family homes.


Ice Cream Mirror is a playful and elegant mirror.

Chic and subtle, this ice cream mirror is such a wonderful, unique accent. From the home office or your little girl’s bedroom, this charming design is quite the genius home accessory. And it such shows off your own personality delicately.


The Bambi Chair is a object made from the heart, a true sculpture of fine art

Appropriately named the “Bambi” chair, this piece is truly an artistic stool. It’s a sculptured piece and the kiddos will love having it around the playroom or bonus room to show off to their friends or use during snack time.


A sculptural day bed? A wavy furniture ocean? A body-shaped space for meditative relaxation? Ernst and Jensen have designed Waves, which is all these things and more.

This “Waves” design just brought on a whole new meaning to the words “rest and relaxation,” because who knew your afternoon nap or evening reading session could be this stylish? If you have the space to show off a beautiful piece like this, do it and don’t be shy about it.


Onkel (the Danish word for Uncle) is a sofa that combines the simplicity of modern forms with the soft curves of the olden days.

These sofas are functional and simple enough to fit into any home, but they’ve also got the chic lines and contemporary nature of Scandinavian style that we love to see throughout modern homes. We also love how this space can hold two of these beautiful pieces.


Bau is a sculptural hanging lamp that combines color, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design. Bau is a hanging lamp with attitude.

Perk up the playroom with this beautiful hanging lamp that, like the captain says, combines color, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design. You could also hang this beauty in a nursery in place of a classic mobile for extra stimulation and interest for your baby!


Nautilus chair – Seat with King leather, back in maple/walnut. Nautilus is a product of many years of development.

These chairs are just … so cool. This dining set would look perfect in your neutrally decorating kitchen nook or even in a smaller dining room. Add color in your accents but embrace the bare bones feel of this beautiful set.


Verpan introduces two chairs from the original 1-2-3 series designed by Verner Panton in 1973

Another chair that defies gravity and may make you feel as though your scared to sit, these pieces sure would make the perfect accent and focal point to your growing living room or home office. Imagine your guests or clients taking a seat in this unique design, it should make an impression!


Chairytale was designed by Monica Ritterband in 2012. Chairytale is a fantastic, almost floating chair series, where beautiful design meets sitting comfort and sturdy craftsmanship.

We love this chair as it combines retro function and futuristic legs. And we also heard that it’s quite comfy to sit in too! Grab some for your casual dining room or bring some pizzazz into your desk or vanity at home.  The burnt orange color also adds a few hipster vibes, which are always trending.


One of Børge Mogensen‘s more unusual chairs. He designed the Hunting Chair in 1950 for the autumn exhibition of the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild, whose theme that year was ‘The Hunting Lodge’.

There are so many ways this chair can fit into a home. There’s a rustic, “campy” feel – there’s a certain “Danish” quality that’s almost tangible to the design and there’s also cleanliness that we love when building a modern landscape.

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