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Back to Work: 10 Modern Desk Chairs

Office Chairs For Home Use in 2021 Let’s be honest: office furniture isn’t exactly the most thrilling segment of the interior design industry. But for the ever-increasing segment of the population telecommuting and/or spending long, odd hours working from the…
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Wood Burning Fireplaces Ideas

8 Indoor Fireplace Ideas For a Unique Look

Wood Burning Fireplace Ideas One of the comfiest and traditional additions to a family home is a wood-burning fireplace. But just because it is a comfortable accent, doesn’t mean it can’t be smooth and fit within a contemporary style vision.…
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Ways to Make Your Condo More Eco-Friendly

9 Simple Ways to Make Your Condo More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Condo Living: 9 Simple Ways to Make Your Condo More Eco-Friendly Global warming and climate change have been a news headline nowadays. This brings to attention the need to preserve the environment. And in going green, every move matters,…
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Table Lamps With USB for a Living Room

Living Room Table Lamp Ideas Building a stylish and comfortable home is all about setting the scene. You start with color, progress with furniture, think about light and then add the details and decorative accessories. The latter two being ever-so-important to…
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11 Living Room Furniture Ideas to Brighten Up a Home

Living Room Furniture Ideas Spring will always conjure up feelings of renewal and rejuvenation. And a lot of times those feelings settle in the home and we start cleaning, organizing and redecorating for the year. That’s why we’ve compiled a…
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