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Recognizing the power of the internet to reach people around the world, Furniture Fashion was born to be a simple and attainable compilation of favorite products in the home & Design world, based on research throughout the internet world daily to see what people are constantly searching for to buy now or soon. The FurnitureFashion website came to my mind around 2006 whilst browsing the internet looking for items of furniture that we needed for the office. We could see that there was not a great deal of information out there that covered the furniture market, for those looking to design or improve their home or office.

Many people often buy whatever product is used or recommended by their family members, friends, teachers, or a spouse. This is not the ideal way to build your home as they do not get the best quality, or price, or even the item you wanted. Few people have the time or energy to do their own research and read hundreds of reviews. Researching for a product online takes a lot of time. Our goal is to provide great ideas through our blog posts so you can browse through them to give you a picture in your mind of what you would want for your home, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, kids room or garden, and then start your next project full of passion.

Today we are in contact with furniture manufacturers, through email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and from the contact form on this website. We also search through design and furniture magazines, scour the internet for great ideas and new passions, and writing and researching for Furniture Fashion. We attend furniture shows in Europe to see what new and old ideas are in fashion, with the Milan furniture show being our highlight of the year.

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FurnitureFashion scours the web daily to uncover the new home and garden ideas. We may link to feature products via Amazon and other online retailers. Clicking on these links to purchase products through our site may earn FurnitureFashion a small percentage of the purchase price as a referral fee. The earnings derived from affiliate links allow us to continue to grow our staff and stay true to our mission of bringing you, the reader, our favorite home and garden pick on the market.

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Ronique Gibson – Assoc. AIA, LEED A.P. offers design lifestyle services at her blog: – Stagetecture – Her home lifestyle blog started in 2009 and today has become a well sought after destination for helping homeowners with everyday lifestyle challenges. Home enthusiasts check in daily for help with their homes, DIY Saturday’s, recipes, crafts, and inspiration to get motivated to beautify and enjoy their homes. Get inspired to create a beautiful home that you enjoy retreating to daily.

Brittany Ruth – Brittany Ruth writes about her love for all things travel, vintage, and DIY on her personal blog, TheRococoRoamer.com – She currently lives in Germany with her husband where she works, attends school, and travels Europe. She combines her love of traditional and vintage furniture, interiors, and architecture with modern styles. Living in Europe has given her a new perspective on design and she is constantly finding inspiration in the sights and cultures around her. She has a B.A. in English and a Minor in Media Studies. She is also pursuing her Masters in Human Relations while living abroad.

Grace Lynn Fleming – From the outskirts of Nashville, I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in Communication, I’m a lover of words. I like to fancy myself a freelance creator, loving the pretty, the delicious and different. With a knack for fashion, style and a minor obsession with weddings, I’ve been professionally writing for the past few years and hope to continue to explore different outlets to contribute to. Basically, I live in a writer’s world with a lot of sparkly decorations. Come visit me at herumbrella.com

Joy Musyoka – Joy is a passionate writer and blogger. She loves to write about fashion, travel, lifestyle, business, and many other topics. Some of her work can be found on her blog Kenyanhub.com. Besides writing, she enjoys traveling and trying out new and exciting activities.

Tanya Palta – Tanya wrote a few passionate articles before deciding to go her own way and design her own design website at anthologie-design

Virginia Zuloaga – Virginia is a social media manager and strategist who has a passion for writing about home and garden. She has her own website at virginia zuloaga