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The family room needs to be approachable, warm, welcoming and always feel like home. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be upbeat, stylish and fashion-forward. Forgo the dull, boring and simply traditional furniture pieces and instead go for designs that inspire you but still come together to create a look you enjoy and feel cozy in. We have included 15 stellar designs and photos of family room furniture ideas that will get your wheels turning and help you to transform this space into something so much more special but still as comfortable as ever.

contemporary den furniture

Grays and blues will always be colors that give off a welcoming and relaxing ambiance, which is why it’s a great idea to take advantage of those colors. Of course you can still add textures and fun prints to create interest, but overall this living space seen above was made for a magazine spread or a movie night. It’s stylish and creatively built, but with comfort in mind.

contemporary family room furniture

When you have a super open space, you sometimes need to “create” a room. Block off certain spaces to make them feel a bit more cozy and comfortable like the example seen above. It’s unique in his circular form and extremely contemporary with its solid color-blocked theme. But it’s also still very welcoming for relatives and friends too!

contemporary family room ideas

Here’s a more formal living room example but one that’s still functional and family friendly. There’s enough seats for everyone in the house to have a cozy place to rest but the overall theme is very fashion-forward and sophisticated. We are loving the light fixture used as the artistic centerpiece of the space as well.

contemporary living room furniture

This idea is smaller than most of our other examples but it doesn’t lack in style. Because of its size, the white focus of the room brightens and widens, which is also a benefit to your home. And we love the easy and clean eclectic touches pointed around the area, from the rug to the textured room partition, it’s full of fun style!

family room decor

Open spaces should always be utilized. And this planner knew how to use the space without overcrowded or becoming too fussy. The furniture is slender but it also fills the space. We love the youthful vibe of this interior idea and how eclectic the energy is. We especially love the mixed materials used throughout giving it an even more interesting vibe.

family room furniture ideas

If you have older kids in the house and the family is inspired by a more sophisticated, vintage air, these pieces may be just the right fit. It’s too formal for if you have little ones running around but this plush sofa and loveseat work for those that are old enough not to mess with. The rest of the room is filled with timeless, black and white pieces, hints of femininity and a dash of Parisian flair.

family room furniture pictures

Not only are we loving the chunky sofas but the centerpiece of this idea couldn’t get any cozier. The electric fireplace provides the perfect focal point to this bright and welcoming escape in the house. The silver tufts give a pop of personality and the bare windows add gorgeous, natural lighting for afternoon gatherings.  The theme of this floor plan is warmth and conversation with the way all pieces are centered closely together.

living room design ideas

The symmetry in the example is perfection and that type of balance provides a welcoming, warm vibe that’s perfect and needed for a highly used living space. The fireplace gives a comfy ambiance and the cushy chairs and sofa give a traditional style theme by matching and remaining in the neutral zone. Of course, the fresh flowers help to create even more friendly essence.

modern den furniture

This room example is more like a family nook. The enclosed, dark space is perfect for a bit of rest and relaxation. What’s perfect is the minty furniture placed in this chocolate corner which lightens and brightens up the dullness. But it certainly doesn’t take away from the covered, safe sense of the darker wood walls.

modern family furniture ideas

Make your room pop with this chartreuse sofa set! Minus the wet  pet, this space looks like it was designed and made with a family in mind. From the floor cushions to the eclectic mix of textures and neutral tones, it’s a vibrant space to rest, relax and have fun in!

modern family room decor

Chocolate browns can, in fact, offset charcoals and grays quite nicely. For a unique mix give your hazey room a pop of neutrality with interest by pairing contrasting subdued tones. But, even if you’re going for an ultra modern look, make sure you’re going for a set that gives the family the right kind of comfort.

modern family room designs

Cranberry is such a unique color to paint walls. Because of its boldness it’s usually left for the bedrooms, home offices and sometimes the dining rooms too. But with this gorgeous cream furniture, this design has a light and fashionable essence that’s so easy to enjoy.

modern living room furniture

Again, smaller spaces can make a big splash. This contemporary area if full of posh style and modern appeal but it’s still warm and welcoming to any passerby. The fireplace acts as the focus which will always provide the right kind of cozy spirit. And this faux leather furniture blends well with the textured, animal print rug and even the popping color of Andy Warhol’s artwork on the wall.

stylish family room furniture

Here’s another gorgeous, open and refreshing space. This may be the longest couch that we’ve ever encountered but it also looks like one of the most comfortable and the perfect furnishing pieces for a movie night. We’re loving the monochromatic undertone of the room and the built in bookshelf even more.