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Stunning Japanese Furniture Ideas

Many designers look for Japanese furniture ideas and see how they can be integrated into a house plan. Even if the entire theme is not of that style, some of the principles behind the look, along with the history, warrant consideration in any home.

My mother-in-law has a very traditional home that features everything from antiques to Southern America styles.   In her look she has integrated several art prints and a decorative screen and loves these pieces.

That’s a great example of why consideration should be given to Zen touches in any floor plan. For those that subscribe to the whole theme, these ten pictures should be enjoyed.

The intent of this article is that inspiration will be taken from the furnishings and room designs showcasing such wonderful examples.

Japanese Styling Bathing in a Hand-made Wooden Ofuro Bathtub

For centuries the Japanese have made an experience out of bathing and using that time for relaxation and mental clarity. A long standing tradition is the use of a deep wooden soaking tubs also known as ofuro bathtub. The ofuro pictured here features a beautiful lacquered wood finish atop the hand-made tub itself.

Japanese Styling Bathing in a Hand-made Wooden Ofuro Bathtub

Deep Japanese Soaking Bathtub

Amazing Japanese Art by Ryo Matsuoka of Tokyo

Ryo Matsuoka of Tokyo, Japan has been drawing and painting since before he can remember. Today he dabbles in other art forms such as embroidery, but his colorful paintings with a strong Asian influence are his main focus.

According to Matsuoka “The act of drawing opened me up for life and unknown places, connected me with new people, and gave me different windows of time and place, further inspiring me to draw.

I keep myself busy in and out of Japan by creating paintings, installations, murals, and embroideries, presenting my visions in solo shows or Play Pray Paint events”.

abstract painting

Dining Table and Chair Set

How about this traditional dining table and chair set.  A great thing about these chairs  are the cushions.  Thus, guests can sit for some time and be comfortable.  It has a reclined back so a person can sit that way or hold their back upright.

Zen inspired Dining Room Furniture Set


Japanese Style Low Platform Bed

The typical platform bed is low to the ground as it is in this picture.  The extra railings at the head and foot of the frame provide extra space for stacking things such as books, reading glasses or smart phones.

platform bed in large bedroom with doors


Chocolate Color Dining Table Set with Bench

Isn’t it nice how the bench was integrated with four dining chairs?  That is such a smart idea as that bench can be moved anywhere in the home for extra seating as needed.  Then the table can be just set for four people such as two couples enjoying a meal.  The overhead light is traditional to the country and works well with the dark wood.

Home with privacy screens and Japanese bed

Traditional Japanese Living Room with Privacy Screens

Notice the prevalence of privacy screens.  This is a common design method in these types of homes.  I do like how the one has a blue background color.  That adds and extra element to the room.  The flooring design is great in this picture.  It looks so natural and blends great with the other elements.

Clean Modern Living Room with Zen Furnishings

Traditional Japanese Teahouse in Praque by A1 Architects

This cozy and traditional Japanese Teahouse in the foothills between Hloubetin and Aloisov in Prague offers a relaxing place to gather and have tea with friends or hideaway and meditate.

Architect David Maštálka of A1 Architects used only seven square meters in the design of this earthy room that features a circular dome roof and a hearth where tea is prepared for its inhabitants. I think I could use a room like this to escape and relax for a while without the rest of the world.

Traditional Japanese Teahouse in Praque by A1 Architects

Traditional Japanese Teahouse in Praque by A1 Architects
Traditional Japanese Teahouse in Praque by A1 Architects