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Eco Kitchens Made With Bamboo

Pros And Cons Of Popular Kitchen Cabinets

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets Styles And Colors When it comes to updating your home, kitchen renovations tend to be the most expensive. It’s estimated that most homeowners can expect to spend anywhere between $13,000 and $37,000 to complete their kitchen…
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Cool coffee makers

Double Shot: 10 Best Coffee Machines For 2020

Coffee Makers From The 2020s Yesterday, we took you on a little tour of 10 cool coffee tables.  What good is a coffee table without coffee?  Plenty, perhaps, but still, we’ve been seeing some gorgeous works of art in the…
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Discover the World of Alessi Kitchen Accessories

Alessi Kitchen Accessories In a previous post I brought to our loyal readers the sharp and stylish kitchen accessories of Stelton. Well here are some equally awesome designs from Caffee Alessi that are sure to make your guests take notice,…
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75 Sink Designs For Kitchens

75 Must See Kitchen Sink Designs & Styles  For those looking to remodel an existing kitchen or start from scratch with the plans for your new dream home, we have compiled 75 Kitchen Sink Styles and Ideas to take out…
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