Leather counter stools will always provide a classic, sophisticated and beautiful addition to any room. Whether it’s the sofa or a throw pillow, accents have the ability to help enhance and create a gorgeous, contemporary vision. Today, we’re shining a light on slick, beautiful leather counter stools that will brighten up any bar or breakfast space with a timeless charm. From traditional designs to more youthful, funky adornments, there are plenty of ways to use a leather stool and create your very own uniqueness. We love the texture of this simple material, whether real or faux, so let’s peek at some great options you could be using in your own home.


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black and chrome counter stools

Classic and chic, these chairs are the best way to mix function with easy style. These stools can literally fit inside almost any space to whatever usage you’d may need them for. The neutral tone works within any setting but the square design adds a contemporary element every home needs when they’re vision is a fashion-forward one.

comfortable counter stools

For a more futuristic and office-like try models with a rounded back and footrests. These look great in a set or even as a single unit. They aren’t bulky but they definitely made a statement in any nook or cranny you set them in. And whether it’s a small or bigger space, they’ll fit right in.

counter stools with rounded backs

Similar to the examples above, this seating has a squarer back and an even more futuristic footrest. We are loving the black foundation which is a bit outside-the-box of a traditional silver setting and we too think these work great on their own or in a pair at the breakfast bar or heightened kitchen table.

industrial counter stool designs

The mixing of interior design styles found in this piece makes it one of our absolute favorites. Tradition is held on top while contemporary industrialism is held on the bottom. There’s a definite masculine energy circulating throughout these pieces and they’re be great inside an industrial-visioned kitchen or even sitting on your architect desk in the home office.

lime green counter stools

Funky, slender and youthful, these sleek designs were made for a home with eclectic style. The upholstery makes them a  quality choice but the color and design keeps them more fashion-forward and playful. Seeing this in your breakfast nook brighten up a more neutral space makes it an easy, family-friendly decision.

low back leather counter stools

These super chic and modern seating ideas work perfectly in this contemporary kitchen. They match up nicely against this counter and continue the strong, clean lines of the rest of the space. Crisp, textural white with silver bones, they’re a versatile and fresh touch to any space.

modern brown leather counter stools

Slick with fluid lines, we’re loving this duo of modern pieces. They have a bit of a sophisticated, older essence which is great for a bar area or smaller kitchen. The smoothness and neutral foundation also makes them a versatile piece for whatever counter top you need them at.

simple counter stool designs

One of our most traditional photos of the pack. These ideas are the perfect choice for the more homey and family-friendly of spaces. Great for the kitchen, breakfast nook, bonus room or even in the basement where the family plays, these stools can fit in anywhere and still leave a comfy aire about them.

super contemporary counter stools

These examples may not be the most comfortable of choices but they are ultra chic. They don’t take up too much room and keep the work space of the kitchen a bit more roomy and welcoming. We love stools that don’t bulk up smaller spaces, especially when people are going to be involved and this choice does the trick.

super cool counter stools

There always needs to be a colorful choice and these red beauties definitely work in a variety of spaces. Red is a timeless tone and will always work in more modern, contemporary of space. We love that they’re versatile enough to fit in more traditional homes too or ones that like to mix and match interior design themes.

ultra modern counter stools

The most futuristic and funky of the bunch, we’re in love with this snazzy style. They can create a fun focal point, enhance a ultra modern vision and not take up too much space in smaller parts of the home. We also love that they come in a few different colors – black and red will always be timeless, classic choices.