10 Wonderful Kitchen Stovetops Perfect for a Home Remodel 1
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Shopping for kitchen stovetops can be downright fun. Technology has advanced so far creating many features that are wonderful for cooking. In a home remodel preparing meals is so very important from a standpoint of personal and family health as well as resell value. Choosing between gas or electric is a big consideration, though some models now come equipped with both. In this post we present ten pictures which is a perfect way to get ideas about what would suit your needs best. Take a look at the array of colors and designs and get inspired.

five burner black cook top

four burner electric cook top

stovetop with pop up vent

kitchen island with electric stovetop

What an interesting shape to this kitchen island.  The light colored wood looks great and meshes well with the floors.

electric modern stovetop on white countertop

gas cook top with two grills

five burner electric cooking surface in black

separate cook tops embedded in countertop

high BTU gas stovetop in black

small stove top with sink combination