contemporary backless counter stools

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When it comes to counter or bar stools, you may want to go with a strictly, backless design. The more “chair” the more bulk you’ll be getting and sometimes that doesn’t work in a smaller space or when you have a clean and neat vision in mind. Let’s have a look at some real life example of backless counter stool ideas taken in modern kitchen photos that work in the space given and give great inspiration for a future redesign or redecorating project.

contemporary backless counter stools

Here are some classic, stainless steel designs that will work for almost any counter, any bar area or any room you need them to place function in. They’re chic, they’re clean and in this particular space they blend easily with the simple and contemporary kitchen design. This area is a more masculine space but these models would work in more feminine rooms with ease as well.

height adjustable counter stools

If you’d like something a bit funkier, these examples may be right up your alley. Made with wooden seats and colored foundations, these are great piece for your eclectic apartment or even inside your dorm room at the breakfast bar or kitchen counter. They’re a fashion-forward mix that’s perfect for blending and transforming. We’d even love to see these ideas in pastels for a more charming, girlish addition.

minimal looking counter stools

Similar to the ones directly above, these backless ones have a more subdued design in terms of color. Again, they have wooden seats but instead of a colored foundation they’re steel and blendable. They’ll go well in traditional homes and even the most modern and contemporary of visions. They’re also like little pieces of structural art that can pop throughout the home.

modern backless counter stools

Chic and ultra modern but with a feminine twist, here are some vintage-inspired models that work for more formal kitchen settings. Black seats and details, silver footings – the contrast is timeless and the design is a bit unique when it comes to a classic style. We see these working in a larger dining room with a bar area just as much as at the breakfast bar! They would be great in a Parisian details or old age spirited room, don’t you think?

modern chrome counter stools

Futuristic design ideas can work great in even the most homey of homes, but they’ll need a tinge of contemporary vibes to make it happen. The fashion forward idea seen here has a light, airy and casual look but it still makes a unique splash throughout the home. Just imagine if they came in colors! There’s a place to fit your fit and although they may not be the most comfortable of choices, they are a great addition.

plastic counter stools

One of the most unique and outside-the-box of the bunch, these plastic chairs don’t even appear to be seating at first glance. They’re funky and youthful, perfect for apartments or dorm rooms. They’d even work great in a bedroom as your desk chair if you’d like to stray away from a bit of traditionalism. And these two colors would definitely pop in any space of any tone.

retro modern counter stools

For a more industrial finish, try these suggestions on for size! Button seating and a masculine foundation, they’re great for homes that need and want a more welcoming, yet unique, detailing. They aren’t formal in the least, but your home doesn’t need a formality or ultra chic edge, instead the key is to be inspired by the style. These could be easily used in neutral tones but we are loving the blue button tops – who doesn’t love blue?

simple counter stools

With just a flick of the leg, these traditional examples went to a more modern shape in an instant. They blend well with the clean simplicity of the rest of the kitchen and they don’t cause a fuss or take away from any main focal points of designs throughout the space. There is a bit of a spidery finish to these stools but we’re loving that sophisticate and timeless energy.

ultra modern counter stools

Aren’t these fun, futuristic little pieces a perfect match for a home that loves to make a scene and make a bold statement without being too harsh on the eyes. White makes it a more approachable piece but the style was made for rooms that are inspired and visioned with fashion-forward energy. These too could pass as artistic creations used to jazz up your home.

white backless counter stools

These wooden examples in white make a beautiful addition to this posh kitchen island. The bulk of the design work well since the counter top is of such a large size. We love how the whites blend together but the unique design of the legs still stand out without overshadowing the rest of the space.