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If you like freestanding bathtubs and prefer them to traditional ones, you’ll love the Bathsphere Bathtub by Alexander Zhukovsky. It is a suspended glass sphere made to adapt to your needs. As you bathe, you can simulate rain and change the humidity, temperature, sound, light, and even smell. Bathsphere allows you to create your own personal sanctuary. It has a large, circular opening that lets you get in and out easily. Its geometric form perfectly merges classic aesthetics with post-modern dynamics.


Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky


The Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky is a bathing experience like no other. The designer is renowned for his style and elegance which are beautifully reflected in his designs. His latest piece has an attractive, eye-catching design and gives you the rare opportunity to change the way you bath. The designer focused on creating a space within a space when designing the bathtub and achieved this beautifully. Bathsphere helps you to create a separate area with a unique environment right in your bathroom or bedroom.


futuristic bathtub design


After a hard day’s work, nothing feels as good as a refreshing bath. Bathsphere transforms an ordinary bath into an extraordinary experience. It is the perfect place to begin your day and end it. It gets you off to a great start in the morning and prepares you for sleep at the end of the day. The bathtub relieves your stress and helps you to forget about your cares and worries. It sets a new style standard that combines superior craftsmanship with artistic expression. What dreams can you start while relaxing in this super cool tub?