Redefine Spaces with the Rose Chair by Edra

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Who isn’t desirous of a cozy yet elegant seat that you can sink into as you sip your favorite Kir Royale? In all its velvety lusciousness, the Rose Chair by Edra is a perfect masterpiece for your vibrant window office, an eye-catching pretzel in your spacious living room and a soothing companion in your bedroom. Daintily hand-designed by the talented Masanori Umeda, it is easy to see why this precious seat embodies all the elegance of haute couture artistry.


Redefine Spaces with the Rose Chair by Edra

The Rose Chair by Edra


As the name would have you believe, the Rose Chair by Edra is a creative ensemble of petal-like padded layers. Each petal is carefully ensconced into the other with the support of shaped metal and wood to resemble the layers of the quintessential rose flower. The backrest and the two armrests look a lot like blossoming yet sturdy petals. Each petal is hand-filled with synthetic wadding and polyurethane foam, giving the seat a deeply soft and fleecy feel. To add to the luxurious softness embodied by this chair, the petals are enveloped by a velvet cover whose texture is reminiscent of the unmatched smoothness of real rose petals.


Contemporary red accent chair


The shiny, keenly polished, and sturdy legs add to the graceful qualities of this seat. Emerging from the base of the rose bud with an outward divergence, the three pointed legs are built from unhallowed aluminum. They are highly polished and coated with a shinny kiln-dried finish which gives them an immaculately glossy appearance. Rose’s velvet cover comes in bloody red and charcoal black.

Which one best resonates with you: the deep red or boldly black petals?