Life can be tough.  Whether we’re spending our days doing manual labor or being tasked with endless intellectual challenges, most of us arrive home at the end of the day absolutely exhausted and ready to sink into a state of relaxation, however brief it might be.  Wouldn’t it be nice to dive into a beanbag like the ones we had when we were kids, except perhaps built to size and upholstered in a fabric befitting our current station in life?  Now we can. Thanks to Brookstone’s giant beanbag chair, we can revisit our childhoods in the form of comfy, cozy and all-out whimsical luxury that’s available for less than $400.  The chair, which retails for $320, is made of polyurethane microfoam and covered in a soft, supple microfiber shell, an inner lining provides structural soundness, a moisture-proof barrier and childproof zippers.  The machine-washable cover perfectly ensconces the 6′ x 6′ bastion of comfort, large enough for even an NBA-sized world-weary soul to settle into for a long, much-deserved respite.  The bag is sold in pink and pistachio.

The Giant Beanbag Chair from Brookstone

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Photo credits: Brookstone