Flux Us Bathroom: Redefining your Bathing Experience
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The simple lines of the Flux Us bathroom seem effortless, but in reality the innovation behind the design is anything but casual.  Enio Calosi challenged everything about the average bathroom when he designed this collection for Lasa Idea.  Gone are the square edges, full vanities, and rectangular mirrors of traditional bathroom design.  Calosi drew from retro inspiration to create a lightweight and playful design that will infuse some of its bright energy into your day.


Flux Us Bathroom

contemporary vanity


The Flux Us bathroom by Lasa Idea is based on an oval shape instead of a regular counter-height vanity.  The mirror transforms from a standard rectangle into a smooth, oblong disc with subtle overhead lighting.  The vanity itself echoes the shape of the mirror.  Floating along the wall instead of supported by a base or legs, the Flux Us vanity opens up extra visual space in your bathroom, without sacrificing the convenience of double sink basins.  A slim, round countertop with integrated sinks provides plenty of surface area and chic style.


Colorful bathroom sink

purple bathroom collection


To offset the softness of the oval mirror and vanity front, sleek chrome hardware and fixtures provide a little bit of contemporary edge within the overall retro vibe of the Flux Us.  The single large drawer keeps all your personal items organized with drawer dividers inside for convenient access.  It looks simple, but the innovative shape and playful attitude make the Flux Us bathroom an edgy update to your home.  Have you ever considered an oval vanity before Calosi’s ingenious new design?