Dimix Bunk Beds by Gautier

For a new take on the traditional bunk bed, look no further than this amazing modern piece. It flaunts clean lines and has ample storage for all your child’s toys. It is a must-have for those limited for space or those with a couple of kids.

It is also a fun and reasonable investment for those with ample space. Dimix is designed to fit into both small and large rooms. It comes in a selection of colors and will give your kid’s room a personalized and fresh look.

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Add Zing to Your Child’s Room with Dimix Bunk Bed by Gautier

Dimix Bunk Bed by Gautier


The Dimix Bunk Bed by Gautier has a guardrail to prevent your child from falling out of bed. It is perfect for children who are transitioning from baby cots to full-size beds. It has large storage compartments on its lower part.

They are comprised of 3 drawers, 2 closed compartments, and 1 slide-out desktop. Add a tiny chair to the desktop and create the perfect study zone for your little one. Space might be an issue for big families but Dimix offers your little one a perfect spot for a good night’s rest and plenty of storage space.

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A bunk bed is an important part of many childhoods. It is a wonderful space-saver that has created many memories. While you are most likely to find one in a youth hostel or a summer camp, it can still be fashionable at home.

It creates a fun and comfortable place for children and the young at heart. Which is your favorite hue?

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