If you are browsing modern baby changing table ideas then look no further.   The editors at Furniture Fashion have rounded up ten wonderful examples that show creativity in design, space and ingenuity.   Our hope is that there is something young families will see and then decide is what is needed for their baby room.   Let’s face it.  The market is enormous for baby products so where do you start.  Also, friends and family members have strong opinions about what works best for them.  The truth is that you should follow your heart and seek the type of product that you want which reflects your personality and personal taste.

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Here is a nice wooden set featuring a natural finish that is accompanied by a rocker.  This style is very commonly used and will work in almost any room decorating scheme.

The stain is darker above and closely matches that of the floor.

It’s hard to beat the color white for a clean and sterile look.  Obviously when dealing with young ones a very clean environment is critical to prevent illness from occurring.

Modern Baby Changing Table Ideas for Young Families

The light purple pictured above is just so fun and whimsical.  I envision parents that are light-hearted and full of energy when I see this furniture set.  Imagine how much a child will enjoy the color as he or she develops.

This reminds me of a converted table.  You can come up with clever solutions that are less costly and coming up with something similar to this may be the answer to saving money.

baby table with lots of storage drawers

Talk about a lot of storage!  This baby furniture model is ingenious in how the drawers open and swing out to maximize space for things that need to be stored close by.

modern baby changing table ideas

Well here is the biggest space saver in this list of modern baby changing table ideas.  Being wall mounted saves tons of room and will work beautifully in an apartment or loft.  We can’t always have a huge room to work with so get creative if you have to.