silver christmas tree
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With Halloween’s tricks and treats officially tucked away and Thanksgiving just around the corner for our stateside readers, the faint sound of jingle bells in the distance are growing ever louder as we dust off those Bing Crosby records and unpack the stockings and ornaments from their boxes.  Looking ahead to December’s annual merriment, we’ve pulled together ten holiday decor ideas in the form of updated classics, from a silver menorah and Christmas tree to festive lit manzanita branches, garlands and lanterns to up the ante on holiday cheer.  Whatever the season means to you, its universal undercurrent is one of love and peace.   And who doesn’t want to get a head start on celebrating such awesome things?  After all, it is, as the song says, the most wonderful time of the year.

10 Holiday Decor Ideas


holiday kissing ball


LED holiday garland


gold manzanita branch


christmas stocking hanger


classic holiday wreath


red and white holiday decorations


silver menorah


holiday lantern


door length wreath


Silver tree found at IKEA.

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