Peter Opsvik’s Penguin Dining Chair

Varier Furniture is well known for wide variety of chairs and seating that really fit our needs and comfort requirements. Peter Opsvik’s Penguin dining Chair is Varier’s latest release and works perfectly in a kitchen or dining room setting.

Transverse steel tubes that attach the chassis of the Varier Penguin to the chair are not fixed in place allowing the chair to roll gently forwards and backwards. The armrests are perfectly positioned to support your forearms when you are in a reclining position, “so sit back and relax“.

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Available in oak, walnut, ice blue, midnight black and ice white combined with chrome or matte chrome, and optional cushions in a variety of colors also available.

Peter Opsvik's Penguin Dining Chair by Varier Furniture
Peter Opsvik's Penguin Dining Chair by Varier Furniture