Dining Room Benches With Contemporary Edge

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There’s something about a bench that speaks to rustic flavors and country styles, but in fact, these seats can spruce up the edge and design in a variety of different home genres. From contemporary to eclectic, benches can be added to the dining room to not only create interest but a to add specific edge that can’t be obtained through traditional seating. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of dining room benches with a flavorful, contemporary edge.

Dining Room Benches With Contemporary Edge

Not only is this space comfy and cozy, as the wood draws on a traditional style and the grey keeps the feelings relaxed, but it’s still got a smooth, chic element that stays with the contemporary goal. We so love how an addition of a sharp-styled bench can create more room for people and more ways to create.

Contemporary Dining Room Table Bench

No one said a bench had to be backless. How amazing, sophisticated and chic is this set-up? The smooth, silver leather and the combination of seating makes for an artistic, luxurious place to have family dinners and entertaining your friends!

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Contemporary Dining Bench

 A personal favorite of the roundup, this dining room is absolutely stunning. The mixed media, the contemporary, clear coloring and that bench create a focal point with a lot of fashion-forward vision. This bench was made for a dining room with a lot of natural lighting and modern designs.

modern dining couch

For a more formal, yet fun feel, try a tufted bunch. It’s a bit more luxurious in style but it, again, adds that certain edge and sass that you want when you’re trying to add a personal touch. We also love the mixing of neutral tones and material elements throughout the space.

modern interior design ideas

It doesn’t get any more modern or contemporary with this dining room. The lines can’t get any smoother, the color couldn’t be brighter or sharper and the furniture couldn’t be any more perfect for the simple, chic  designs of a progressive home.

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