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When the weather is good, there are many meals you can enjoy in your backyard. The secret to great outdoor meals is a good grill. Fresh air and hot barbeque can conjure up a lovely vacation mood. Whether you love to eat outdoors all summer or only grill once a week, the Onfalos Barbeque by Mario Bellini is a great choice. It is an extremely versatile grill that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. It comes in different versions and is made of stainless steel to provide durability to last through all of your entertaining needs.


Onfalos Barbeque by Mario Bellini

small home grill


Mario Bellini is the brains behind the Onfalos Barbeque. The piece has a gleaming cooking plate that distributes heat evenly. It is devoid of corners and is easy to clean. It hides the chimney and combustion chamber inside a cone-shaped, truncated structure under the plate. The chimney has an unusual flower composition that allows for better combustion performance. The flower petals are made from Corian and come in 6 colors for each mode. They form a handy shelf as you cook and can be purchased in three different sizes. Beneath the chimney is a cylindrical shell that houses the drain tray which collects liquids formed as you cook or clean.


Better combustion performance allows for a better grilling experience for your food


The Onfalos Barbeque by Mario Bellini makes a perfect match for stainless steel outdoor kitchens. In the last few years, homeowners have been moving away from stone and wood kitchens to stainless steel ones. Match yours to the Onfalos Barbeque and make your outdoor space sleeker. Wouldn’t the Onfalos Barbeque look fabulous in your backyard?