Antibodi Chaise by Moroso
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Patricia Urquiola’s new masterpiece for Moroso is a spectacular chaise that makes a statement in any setup. In quest of a new form for a non-upholstered seating unit, the designer created a piece that is sure to stand the test of time. She named it Antibodi, a perfectly fitting name. Just like antibodies, it attaches itself to a user’s body to enhance their level of comfort and well-being. Its design comprises a collection of petals in triangular shapes which create a range of patterns.


Total Relaxation: Antibodi Chaise by Moroso

Patricia Urquiola chaise longue design ideas


Lightly padded, the petals on the Antibodi Chaise by Moroso are very pleasing to the eye. They feature reversible materials which form a supporting cover that is attached to the stainless steel frame. The cover is made in wool fabric and leather or felt and wool fabric. It creates two distinctive and eye-catching moods. One version has petals which face upwards creating a feminine, unconventional look; the other has downward-facing petals that provide a masculine, quilted look. Both covers are available in white and black or in a natural shade coordinated with a kaleidoscopic patchwork.


contemporary daybed by Moroso


From simple fabrics, Patricia Urquiola manages to create a rich, ingenious object capable of appearing soft and feminine or severe and rational. Its wonderful mixture of patterns forms an ethnic, storytelling facade. The designer’s ability to create ingenious, highly expressive products from simple technologies and materials is clearly evident in this piece. She brilliantly extracts maximum expression from ordinary materials and established manufacturing processes.

What’s not to love about this piece?