Isn’t it wonderful to be able to pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and become lost in the words on the page?  And just like having different tastes for different genres, the same aspect can be said about designing your own reading nook.  Though the desire for plenty of space within your reading nook is important, you can still create a comfortable reading nook within an intimate space.  Just look at some of the tips below on how.

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook in your Home


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reading nook seating

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Select the perfect location:

Search around your home and find out which area within the home that relaxes and allows you to focus on what you are reading.  It can range from a corner in the space, a place close to the window or even a small storage space that’s not being used.  Wherever it is make sure it is somewhere that you can wind down and escape.


Determine the right seating:

Now that you have chosen a location, decide on what type of seating you would like to have.  Your tastes, style, and needs will help you to determine which seating fits best for your nook.  If you prefer something more permanent then window seating would be best, however if your interiors are a bit snug then a reading chair or big comfy pillows would be more ideal.

reading nook lighting

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Choose well lit areas:

Opt to have your nook around natural lighting.  Like next to a window, but make sure that you avoid glare or too much brightness by setting up window sheers.  Or perhaps you like reading in the evening if that’s the case then artificial lighting such as floor or table lamps, wall sconces, recessed lighting etc.  Look at how your home is lit up during the day to see what lighting is best for you.


Personalize your reading nook:

Top off the look of your reading nook with your own stylish décor that will make it more special and calming to you.  Try adding a vibrant throw blanket, wall art, even some colorful decorative pillows or a family memorabilia wall would be perfect accents for your reading nook.  You can even add in a vase of flowers on a side table or bookshelf/cases for character.  The choices are endless.


Reading nook corner idea

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Reading nooks are one of the ways to forget the demands and busyness of life and be able to get some peace and serenity in your home.  Even if your space is a bit intimate than others it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to create one.  Just keep in mind that you want a spot that is away from the daily activities, the less clatter the more likelihood of you using it again.  So go and create your perfect reading nook today!