The Coolest Sofa Bed on the Block

A Well Cool Sofa Bed

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This may be the ultimate combination, especially for those who love to read in bed. From Domodinamica comes the Morfeo sofa bed with some really great curves and a very fun look.

We have compared it to a cartoon character but this creature’s antennas are very useful reading lights that can be turned off individually, and adjusted to multiple positions.Morfeo can really compliment a modern decor or finish a guest room. The sleeper is very comfortable making it as useful as it is cool.

The Morfeo comes in several colors and costs around $5500. NOTE: This bed was made in 2007. That is over 10 years ago now. If you can find one today try and snap up a bargain

Morfeo Sleeper by Domodinamica

Closed Morfeo Sofa by Domodinamica