This creative pairing from 21st Design is a playful and contemporary twist on ancient Eastern traditions.  The Pacifico Coffee Table is formed in the likeness of a Buddha head tipped on its side, while the Beato Seat is an upright head.  Together they evoke the ancient history of an Asian temple lying in ruins after centuries of tradition and time.  For functionality’s sake, the Pacifico Coffee Table has a flattened top for holding food and drink, while the Beato Seat is shaped for comfortably perching atop the sculptural design.

Instead of old stone, however, this pair is made from recycled polyethylene in chic white.  UV resistant, The Pacifico and Beato from 21st Design can be used indoors or outdoors and resist the elements and the wear of daily use as either residential or commercial furniture.  To care for them, simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth and you don’t have to worry.

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The Pacifico Table and Beato Chair guarantee that your home will be distinctly different and definitely interesting.  You will be surprised how easily a modern Asian aesthetic in crisp white will blend itself into your home.  They simultaneously unite the unexpected with the serene to evoke a mixture of reactions as a part of your design. Some may think of those faraway temple ruins, some may be reminded of a modern art installation; what do the Pacifico Coffee Table and Beato Seat bring to your mind?

Pacifico Coffee Table and Beato Seat from 21st Design