When I was thinking about outdoor lighting ideas for a home really basic pieces came to mind like sconces, flood lights and other fixtures that lacked any appeal other than providing illumination. These 10 examples are super cool being part art and part design statement. It made me think about entertaining a group at night on a deck or in a backyard and what sort of eye-catching designs would be attractive to guests. What about a planter, bench or sculpture that draws the eyes of guests. Creativity abounds, but you may have to look for it. Most stores have mundane examples that lack that wow factor. Enjoy our finds and seek inspiration in planning out your outdoor space.

circle lamps

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light that looks like a plant

lighted plant holders

modern landscape lights

outdoor cylinder lights

outdoor lamps

plant pots with lighting

Aren’t these plant pots simply amazing.  It’s great how the flowers just pop creating such a great showcase of gardening.

sidewalk lighting

small white landscape lights

stools and tables with lights