When was the last time you awoke to the perfect smell of bacon frying in the kitchen, lifted even higher by the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee brewing at the hands of someone you adore?  While the notions surrounding breakfast in bed are largely cuddly and romantic, there still exists a certain peril: getting breakfast all over the sheets, or worse still, the floor when, between the kitchen and bedroom, everything comes crashing down in transit. Well, thanks to a clever up-and-coming designer named Ryan Jongwoo Choi, those ever-so-precarious steps between point A and point B just got a lot less dicey.  Choi’s magnetic serving tray uses kindergarten science, basically, to keep the tray and its belongings together, saving every delicious morsel of that pristine omelet and that beloved cup of joe for its intended, waiting patiently under the covers for a morning meal.  The concept is so brilliantly simple (and award-winning, for that matter; it was a finalist for a Spark International Design Award), it makes us wonder why we didn’t think of that.  In fact, it’s possible we’ve been too busy sleeping in and grabbing our breakfast on the go to lounge around, thinking up ideas like these over cereal.  Perhaps there’s something to be learned from Choi’s almost childlike ingenuity. Either way, we’re firm believers that the first meal of the day is a solid 30 percent more delicious when enjoyed before our feet have even hit the floor, so we can’t wait until the day this clever tray is available for sale.  We’ll take two, in fact.


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Magnetic Serving Tray by Ryan Jongwoo Choi


magnetic serving tray


magnetic breakfast tray


Photo credits: Ryan Jongwoo Choi