12 Fantastic Must See Self Adhesive Wallpaper Designs 1
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Many people think that wallpaper is outdated and out-of-style, but you would be completely wrong and completely out of the loop in doing so. Just like the new and growing trend of wall decals, self adhesive designs accomplish the same thing. It’s essentially a sticker for the wall and you can nix the nasty, mess of the old fashion way of papering your home. And, fortunately, these pieces come in an array of super chic, stylish and fashion forward prints, patterns, colors and pictures. Let’s have a look at 12 fantastic must see self adhesive wallpaper designs and create our own decorating inspiration that transforms a room in your living space.

abstract wall paper

A classic black and white combination with a feminine and artistic touch, this idea is perfect as an accent wall in the dining room, living room or even as a way to liven up the foyer. Pair it with bright colors as a gorgeous way to contrast and create interest, or blend with more neutral tones for a sophisticated, yet beautiful scene.

egyptian wall paper

Are you looking for something super unique to place inside your home office or even in the bonus room? Well, look no further than a spread of Egyptian hieroglyphics! This is such a fun and playful way to jazz up your home. Add color to bring in the family’s personality and to lighten up the rugged touch of the pattern. We have no doubt that this choice will definitely add a certain “wow” factor to any space!

herring bone wall paper

If you’re in love with textured walls but without the means to make one happen in your home, look at some self-adhesive products. You can find and create that same look without the mess or without breaking the bank. Just take a look at this interesting, “wooden” textured look for a piece of this house’s dining room, it’s easy, breezy and very memorable and tone-setting.

new york city wall paper

Bring the city right into your home with a this scenic view. Again, black and white is a classic and will work in any setting, especially in a chic, modern space with a very “bachelor pad” feel about it. This too would work well with colorful pieces of furniture or accents to contrast and make everything pop! Of course, giving it a neutral foundation will enhance the contemporary charm and timeless essence.

pink self adhesive wall paper

Add a bit of retro flair to your contemporary space with the help of some color such as in this example. With some 60’s inspiration, this pink and purple pattern gives a funky feel and a feminine quality with ease and simplicity. We love how its use to simply accent and not take over the room or overwhelm.

rustic wood wall paper

Here is another great example that gives a textural, interesting look. Large wood paneling will create a rustic, homey charm in the bedroom without the actual rugged feel of wooden pieces. This is great if you’re inspired by the great outdoors or a more natural and countryside interior design decor theme. It’s also great if you’ve always dreamed of living in a cabin and never had the chance to do so!

self adhesive wall paper

Like we promised, here’s another gorgeous, yet different, example of how a space can be made to look as thought it has a textured accent wall. These thing, wooden palletes help to create a chic, zen and natural-inspired room, which is perfect for those inspired by a more Asian setting. We love the soft gray wall and how the grassy greens pop right off of it, don’t you?

wall paper for sound room

If you’re looking for something to jazz up your teen’s bedroom or create a major different in a dorm room, then this is the pick for you. An example that resembles an array of speaker systems, it’s perfect for a youthful charm or music lovers all around. You get the look without the bulk and the fun without the mess (and wires). It’s such a unique and personal way to decorate!

wall paper with abstract artwork

Some geometric, contemporary patterns work great as accent walls, especially in lighter, brighter and bigger spaces. This choice acts not only as a beautiful accent but as art for the room. Coming in a variety of colors, go within this route if your vision is on the chicer, more adult and more contemporary side of interior design.

wall paper with bricks

Create a bit of magic inside the house. A secret door could really make a different in your space. This is the perfect idea for a more imaginative bonus room or give the kids something to get creative with inside their own bedroom or play area! You can create so many stories and give the room an extra punch of uniqueness to boot!

wall paper with forest

Bring the great outdoors inside with a design that resembles some of the best outdoor scenery. This may be a bit ironic for a city apartment, but we love the contrast of a sleek penthouse apartment in a metro area covered in wallpaper that sets the tone for some beautiful pieces of nature. We envision this scene inside a cozy breakfast nook, what about you?

wall paper with nautical theme

And last but not least, this treasure mapped design could really transform your husband’s home office into something so much more unique, special and personable. It’s masculine, yet interesting with an old-age, classic appeal. But it’s also fun for the family – who wouldn’t want a treasure map written on the walls of their own home?