wall mounted bathroom lights
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Lighting inside the bathroom is a necessity, for more than obvious reasons. But the problem comes with styling and making it a functional choice as well. Our recommendation is to always go with dimming lights that can take you from daytime, morning rituals to more subtle, relaxing tones for evening bubble baths. In the meantime, let’s look at some modern bathroom lighting ideas that aren’t just usable and versatile but fashion-forward and transformation as well.

bathroom sconce lights

We’re loving the relaxing and romantic tone of this design. There’s nothing forced or overwhelming but it’s still very sophisticated and sleekly modern in the easiest of ways. The light fixtures glow in a warm way but they’re also hidden as to now stand out and ruin the zen ambiance that’s already been created and cultivated.

blue ambient bathroom lighting

Simple spotlights right into the ceiling are one of the easiest and chicest ways to provide light. They’re another no mess, no fuss option that blends within every and any interior design style especially more modern visions. There’s also a subtle, blue-hued light that’s blending in with the traditional fixtures that make this a standout feature.

casual bathroom lights

Chandeliers can be inside the lavatory too, especially if you have a stand alone tub you need to accessorize. Just take a look at this gorgeous, contemporary piece full of artistic presence and functionality too! We’re loving the pop and focus it creates as it refreshes a usually duller and less detailed space inside the house.

creative bathroom lighting

Here’s another chandelier but with a more Victorian tone and feminine finish. It’s a bit flashy and luxurious but within this funky, contemporary room with unique color choices … it’s helping to make a statement and fashion-forward feel. And although this example is a bit smaller in size, the light fixture doesn’t overpower or become a harsh accent.

creative home lighting

And now we have another simple and easy example of how spotlights can work in different styled bathroom. Even in this more traditional, yet still clean-edged, space you’ve got lights that are both functional and easy to blend in with its surroundings. There’s nothing clunky, dull or out-of-date about using these designs inside this floor plan.

indirect bathroom  lighting

Although this isn’t a real-life example, you can see how innovative and creative this bathroom is and that includes its light source. The accent wall has “hidden” sources behind some of its tiles. They glow and add warmth and inviting spirits inside the guest lavatory. You can even do this design inside a bigger scaled room for your own master bath.

indirect bathroom lighting

There’s a variety of light sources that come into play throughout this bathroom, but we’re going to focus on the tub area. The accent wall, filled with nooks, have battery-operated candles that create a relaxing and romantic ambiance while provided extra light that’s soft and cozy. We love how these can switch on during the nighttime as you enjoy a warm bath after a long day but still blend in with the slick and traditional fixtures found elsewhere.

pendant bathroom lights

 Spotlights combined with hanging fixtures over the sinks, this is another innovative blend of functional sources. This entire room is ultra contemporary and that’s seen throughout its light choices as well. You don’t need to use both together, but its needed during the morning hours as makeup and hair are being finished off or even just for a pick-me-up after one two many hits of the snooze button. We especially love the hanging pieces as they’re unique and a surprising choice for a bath.

wall mounted lamps

Wall sconces can be used too. Just take a look at these beauties! Right by the sink adding a mix of contemporary style, traditional vibes and a small, feminine touch, these are unique pieces that can help transform your master bath into something personalized and quite special. Enjoy every part of your home by detailed and designing exactly what you’ve been envisioning.

wall mounted bathroom lights

And finally, we have another gorgeous example of hanging lights that work well in this example. This eclectic space has a mixture of chic choices and touches of vintage charm, with the additional of these artistic designs, that also give off soft and warm light, you’ve created a room of the house made for enjoying and relaxing with the ultimate ease of heart.