From Nuvist Architecture & Design Studio, comes another bedazzling ensemble in the form of the Nebessa Table. Designed by Emrah Cetinkaya, from Istanbul, Turkey, the abstract sculptural form of this design inspired by wave formations, has gathered oodles of curiosity in the design circles, leaving people awed.


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Nebessa Table by Nuvist

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The Nebessa Table by Nuvist, features a suave undulating geometry that redefines the idea of fluidity in ensemble design. Nebessa, stands confidently on a singular leg, that is in fact the table top turning down smoothly. The configuration of the office furniture, makes it appear delicate and exquisite without compromising on the stability and ergonomics of the table. The shape and reflective finish of Emrah Cetinkaya’s design makes a modern statement without making the ensemble overwhelming. Also available with Nebessa, is a smaller version of the table, that steps in the role of some extra storage and fits perfectly under the bigger one. Available in an array of colors, there is something that will surely suit your taste and preference.


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Nebessa’s innate geometry makes it a perfect choice for contemporary interior design, however it dons the role of an urbane sculptural desk in a traditional setup. Owning the Nebessa Table, will bring in a distinct character in to your decor with its unique elegant design and will surely have people inquiring where you got this unique piece of furniture.