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10 Best Bathroom Furniture Ideas For You Home

Redesigning your whole bathroom can be a daunting process and time-consuming task. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a refresh, then choosing new and exciting bathroom furniture is the perfect option, while also being budget friendly if you only have a limited amount to spend.

It often enables you to keep some of your original toilet, sink or bath units while creating a new fresh look for your bathroom, as there are some great cheap bathroom furniture pieces for you to choose from.

For further inspiration visit house for designer bathrooms, once you are ready to bring these ideas to life. There is also a lovely range of fitted bathroom furniture, UK produced, for you to choose from if you are living in the United Kingdom and want something local.

Just in case you are in a hurry. A few ideas from Amazon…

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New Bathroom Furniture At Its Finest!

Small Storage Space Vanity Unit

Vanity units are a great way of making a statement in your bathroom while providing you with useful storage space. With a small storage vanity unit you can choose a new sink to brighten up your bathroom or opt for a work surface, which will provide a lovely space to create a stunning bathroom display.

Choosing a vanity unit that is wall hung is a clever way to make the most of all the space available, especially in small bathrooms. With a great variety of furniture sets available to choose from there is sure to be a great design that you love that will also fit perfectly with your current bathroom units.

Your small storage unit is ideal for hiding away the things you do not want littering your bathroom, like spare toilet rolls, towels, toiletries and other items that clutter and take up valuable space.

An alternative would be a wall-hung vanity unit to add colour and style to your bathroom especially if it is high up and not using lower floor space.

Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors and Shelves,Thin Toilet Vanity Cabinet,Narrow Bath Sink Organizer,Towel Storage Shelf for Paper Holder,White by AOJEZOR

Vanity Sink Art

If your current sink unit is tired and has seen better days, a piece of art is a simple vanity sink design idea that will also allow you to add character to your bathroom.

The simple white colour of the sink ensures that the washstand will match any existing bathroom units that you may wish to keep, while the stand creates a great bathroom feature with fantastic detail and a lovely traditional finish.

There is also an exciting choice of stand colour from the shiny clean look of the chrome finish to white and black metal finishes, which will really make a statement in every bathroom.

For a final finishing touch there are some great traditional taps to choose from so there is something to suit all tastes.

VCCUCINE Rectangle Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin

Toilet Vanity Unit

Modern bathrooms often feature toilet vanity units as they are perfect for hiding unsightly pipework and provide an elegant finish to all bathrooms. Their simplicity make them easy to clean and they are often smaller than traditional toilet so are great for smaller bathroom spaces.

There are many different colours and finishes to choose from, so if you are only looking to replace the toilet then there will be one that matches your existing bathroom. Each unit also provides great hidden storage space allowing you to declutter your bathroom, ready to show it off to guests.

VASAGLE Floor Cabinet Multifunctional Bathroom Storage Organizer Rack Stand, 2 Drawers, White

Corner Vanity Unit

For a bathroom with a unique shape or limited space then a corner vanity unit can be the perfect way to get the most out of your bathroom.

These lovely sink units are a clever way to make a forgotten corner of the room an essential part of the bathroom and with a large number of styles and colours to choose from there will be one to match your existing built in bathroom units.

With the vanity units ranging from modern white finishes through to traditional woodgrain effects, there will be a style for everyone.

A great advantage of the corner vanity unit is that you will also gain some much-needed storage space allowing you to keep toiletries and bathroom products out of sight.

Victoria Corner Makeup Vanity Table White Makeup Vanity with Three-Fold Mirrors and 5 Drawers Bedroom Dressing Table Makeup Table Corner Vanity

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

A clever way to create more storage space without taking up valuable room in the bathroom is to add a wall mounted bathroom cabinet. These cabinets can feature a mirrored finish to give them a dual purpose, as every bathroom needs a functional mirror.

There are a variety of size options from single panels through to triple paneled cabinets so you can create as much storage space as you require. As these handy cabinets are often higher up on the wall it can be a great way to keep children out of the cabinet.

Mirrored Bathrooom Cabinet

LED Bathroom Mirror

For the perfect modern finish you should consider an illuminated bathroom mirror. The LED lights create an amazing bathroom display that will impress guests, while also being practical for every busy bathroom.

With many of these great mirrors also coming with additional shaver sockets, you will not know how you managed without your fantastic LED mirror. The sleek design of these mirrors will create the perfect finishing touch to your modern fitted bathroom furniture.

Keonjinn 24 x 32 Inch LED Vanity Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog Dimmable Wall Makeup Mirror with Light (Horizontal/Vertical)

Wall Hung Bathroom Unit

A clever way to increase the storage space in your bathroom is to add a wall hung unit. The handy shelves inside give much need space to store toiletries and towels out of the way, giving a clean and minimalistic feel to every bathroom.

These tall slim wall hung bathroom units do not take up much space and can make a small bathroom grow in size and feel more spacious. With many different colour options available you can add some much need colour to any bland bathroom and they will suit all tastes.

These cheap bathroom storage furniture units are great for small budgets as they will create that refreshing feature for every bathroom without requiring a full bathroom redesign.

Industrial Pipe Shelving Shelves Bookcase Rustic Wood Metal Wall Mounted Towel Bar Hanging Storage Racks Floating Wood Shelves

Wall Storage Cupboard Unit

The perfect way to create increased storage for family bathrooms or those with limited space is to incorporate a wall storage cupboard unit. Stunning designs that look like they have been around for years.

Choose either white or wood depending on whether you prefer a sleek white finish or a coloured woodgrain effect, allowing you to match any existing bathroom furniture sets while also creating a fabulous bathroom feature.

  • VINTAGE FARMHOUSE CHARM: The Cates Wall Storage Cabinet provides function and style with decorative charm. The rustic wooden finish and sliding barn door adds a quirky addition to your home decor
  • RUGGEDLY BUILT – Designed to last, this cabinet has a solid wood construction complemented by metal hardware. The sliding doors are set in a wooden groove at the bottom holding it in place – no banging against the frame when it slides
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: This unit’s dimensions are 30 inches wide, 27.5 inches high, and 7.25 inches deep which is perfect above a vanity or use on most wall spaces
  • THREE LARGE CENTER SHELVES: The 3 center shelves are each 13.5 inches wide and 5.75 inches deep with 8 inches height between shelves
  • MORE SHELVES!: 2 side shelves are each 7.75 inches wide and 5.75 inches deep with 12 inches height between shelves

Kate and Laurel Cates Wood Wall Storage Cabinet with Two Sliding Barn Doors, Rustic Brown


Bathroom Drawer Unit

For family bathrooms a drawer unit can be a clever way to give a large amount of storage space to a bathroom. The separate drawer compartments are a handy way to organise toiletries so they can be easily accessed, as well as looking good.

These useful drawers are smart to look at and come in a range of sizes, so no matter how small your bathroom is there is sure to be the perfect drawer unit for the space you have available.

They are also fantastic for blending in with any other fitted furniture that you may have, allowing you to easily refresh an aging bathroom, without needing to spend much money.

VASAGLE Floor Cabinet Multifunctional Bathroom Storage Organizer Rack Stand, 2 Drawers, White

Sink and Toilet Furniture Set

Every bathroom furniture company is seeing an increase in furniture set purchases, as people look to create modern bright and colourful bathroom spaces.

These great toilet and sink sets are appealing when you want to refresh tired bathroom units but do not want to completely renovate your bathroom. With a number of different styles available you can choose a modern or traditional finish in a colour to suit your taste.

Whichever style you pick, your matching toilet and sink units will often have handy storage space incorporated, making these lovely furniture sets great for small spaces.

Creative Scents Gray Bathroom Accessories Set - 4 Piece Bathroom Decor Set for Home, Bath Restroom Set Features Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Tumbler, Soap Dish - Bling Silver Mosaic Glass

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