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Baby Crib Designs

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In this article we are going to present you eleven baby crib designs, in order to choose a piece that best suits your needs as well as the ones of your baby. There are so many types of cribs available on the market, that its becoming hard to choose one when you need it. Unlike selecting a bed or any other piece of furniture, the main features you look for when purchasing such an important item.

baby bed design ideasUsually this is one of the few furniture items where design occupies a third place, but it is not the case of the baby crib designs showcased in this article. Here all these three important features are inventively mixed by famous furniture designers and manufacturers.

bauhaus baby cradle
bauhaus baby cradle

Some of these cool baby beds can save space in the nursery and some even help you keep money in your pocket, because they convert to a toddler bed, a bench, or a storage cabinet for use over the years. But, if you want to go for such  features, first you need to make sure you like the options it offers and you really need them.

Because the baby’s bed is where your angel will spend most of his/her time, the materials used should also be very important as the baby deserves optimal comfort. These pieces of furniture are made of different materials like iron, wood, plastics and even tempered glass, with the most common, and recommended ones being the ones made from hardwoods. Maple, ash, beech, or oak, are the most common woods used, for their resistance in time and quality, but as new materials emerge, there’s no longer a must to have a wooden crib. Tempered glass, painted metals, various safe plastics and even carbon fibers, are just as good, healthy and resistant.

Take a look at some of the most incredible baby cribs that are so much more than just a resting place for your little treasure.

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Baby Cradle boat shaped

cool wood nursery

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glass baby cribs

handmade baby cribb

11 Interesting Baby Crib Designs Perfect for Your Angel

rattan baby cribb

11 Interesting Baby Crib Designs Perfect for Your Angel