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When it comes to being truly space-conscious, Murphy beds do a great job in conserving precious space. In 10 Cool Murphy Beds for Decorating Smaller Rooms we set out to highlight different models that may work in your particular space.

Challenges in space decorating can start with a spare bedroom, a college dormitory, or even a first apartment. Whatever the need, we realize that smaller square footage footprints are becoming more common in housing. Now the good news is that needs drive new technology and innovation which brings forth designs we perhaps have not seen in the past.

LORI Wall Bed

A Murphy bed is a practical way to maximize space in your home without sacrificing comfort. The Lori Wall Bed offers both affordability and style, perfect for those looking for something that blends into their room while providing the functionality of an extra bedroom when needed! This high-quality piece of furniture can transform any guest room or living area with its clean lines and simple design – what’s not to love?

Lori Wall Bed Murphy Bed

Lori Wall Bed Murphy Bed

Lori Wall Bed Murphy Bed

Dile Sofa Bed

“Dile” is a sofa bed that offers the most flexibility for decorators of all the models discussed in the article. A sofa provides a seating area that is more likely to be used than a desk. With laptops today a person can work anywhere and therefore, does not need to be tied to a desk. I do like the darker wood stain and think that this would be a sharp model for a living room.

Combining seating with bedding may prove more useful than a desk-bed combination depending on how your time is spent each day. I see that a student may need the desk-bed combination whereas a worker may need the sofa-bed combination.

Price: $5,710.

Sofa Bed

Leo Single

“Leo” is a single bunk bed model that combines a hidden bed and a storage shelf. The concealed twin bed is at the bottom of the shelf and appears quite natural upon first glance. This Murphy bed would be great in a one-room floor plan where there is less structure and perhaps the living room, kitchen, and bedroom are all together.

Price: $3,037.

Hidden Beds

Tale Desk Bed

“Tale” is a computer desk that also doubles as a Murphy bed. I really like this bed for a student since the desk is a nice size allowing for students to spread out assignments and have enough workspace. This piece is optimum for a dormitory room at a school or in some sort of campus housing.

Price: $3,650.

Murphy Bed


Isola Student Bed

The student bed “Isola” is a rollaway bed that is suited for a very mobile person. The bed itself is on wheels and has a desk on the other side of it. This design is geared for very small places such as campus housing on a university. The mobility of Isola would come in handy for students that need to put-away their bed when not sleeping and perhaps even roll it to a specific area.

Price: $3,351.

Rollaway Bed

The Twirly Bed

The “Twirly Bed” called “Matrimoniale” is a revolving queen Murphy bed. I like hidden beds such as these since their purpose is to make guests not see the bed at all. This model is well hidden away in a storage unit that might appear as some type of shelving to help organize a home. The queen model also has a fold-down work table that can be used for many different activities.

Price: twin – $4,053; queen – $6,192.

Hidden Bed

Mr Hide Bed

“Mr. Hide” is a sofa bunk bed that folds out into several sleep areas that can accommodate three people. This is a lot of “sleep area” for one piece of furniture. A family holiday comes to mind as a type of need where the sofa bed may come in handy. Of course, this is very cozy for a family to be so close together and hopefully, a feud would not erupt!

Price: $5,418.

Folding sofas

The Verticle Bed

These vertical bunk beds, named “Ledo”, use wall mounting on a small footprint to produce two twin beds. This design is intended for quick sleeping arrangements that might be suitable in a shelter, fire station, or another public area that provides assistance to the community. The top bunk does not have rails which makes this a poor choice for children.

Price: $3,822.

Twin Murphy Beds

The Goalani

“Goalani” is the largest of all in this story. This Murphy bed combines a storage wardrobe, shelving, and bed all into one model. My first impression is that this piece would be much more difficult to move due to its size. On the other hand, it does provide a full room of furniture in one unit which may save time in shopping for complimentary furniture pieces.

Price: $4,313.

Small Apartment Bed

The Castelo

“Castelo” is a bunk bed system just designed to provide sleeping arrangements. There is not a real fancy element to it which makes me picture it as a part time solution for accommodating guests.

The challenge with a tall piece like this may be in finding a closet in your home to store the bed. Its height may not fit into many closets. It does fold up and can remain on a wall though it may not look that serves a dual-purpose. This piece features a width of 11″ folded up which is remarkably skinny.

Price: $4,050.

Bed Fold Up


All of these products can be found at the Flying Beds. Except the top Bed which is from LORI WALL BEDS