Great Shoe Storage Ideas Worth A Look In 2021

Excellent Shoe Storage Ideas For 2021

Our editors were looking for the best shoe storage ideas on the market today from DIY to custom build to products that can be purchased.  It was interesting research when we compared all the unique solutions and thought about them side by side.

Our findings found that there are many inexpensive solutions such as door hanging units or models that fit under a bed that are quite easy to use in a home.   The ten we focused on were more permanent solutions and therefore were a bit more costly than a simple hanger with vinyl sleeves.

Our readers often note how much of an issue this is in nearly any size or age home.  Just having an enormous closet does not mean that the space is configured in a way that is suitable for storage.  Therefore, it’s important to find a fix for today and one that will address the future as well.

The fact is that shoes take up a lot of space in some valuable storage areas such as closets, floor, and entrance space. We have athletic shoes, around the house shoes, work shoes, dress shoes, and the list goes on. With so many shoes, how can we maximize our storage space?

By utilizing shoe storage products to maximize the potential of your existing space you can storage your shoes and still have plenty of room to store the rest of your necessities.

For people who own 10 pairs of shoes or less a shoe storage product in the closet can be the ideal solution. However, placing footwear in the closet is not enough. It is much too easy for them to become a disorganized mess.

For people who wish to keep shoes as individual pairs a clear plastic box is the ideal shoe storage solution. These boxes help to repel dust and are perfect for seasonal or rarely worn shoes. While these boxes can be stacked high and offer a view of all your shoes at once they are not the recommended solution for people who have a greater number of shoes as cost and crowding can become an issue.

If you can afford a professionally installed closet organizer a cubby system is an efficient and effective way to store numerous pairs. Maximize the space between the closet floor and the clothes by making as many slots as possible while still ensuring that shoes of all sizes and shapes will fit in the cubbyholes.

To store your footwear successfully you must maximize every possible space including your closet door. There are several styles of over the door shoes storage organizers that secure to a standard closet door. This kind of organizer allows you to store many pairs without infringing on any floor or closet space.

If you have the space a tiered shelf can be a convenient answer to your shoe storage problems. Tiered shelf storage units hold between 12 and 32 pairs of shoes and usually made of durable metal materials.

24 Pairs of Shoes and Space Above For Bags

I can see this in an entryway where a family would remove footwear and put into this piece of furniture.  It’s simple and effective and protects the wood flooring.

5-Tier Shoe Storage Organizer with 4 Metal Mesh Shelves for 16-20 Pairs Shoes

The contrast of more natural wood with white trim is lovely on this piece.   This can work almost anywhere and would lighten up a home that may focus on darker colors.

36 Pairs of Shoes Rack

Here is how to use space to a maximum.  We all have these odd nooks, so why not use them?

A great storage idea for any type of home.

4 Tier Closet Shoe Rack

Don’t forget about wall mounted options.  That can leave some space underneath for a pair that was just slipped off, or even some house slippers. This is a great neutral wood example above that looks to be the size of a lateral filing cabinet.  Notice that it is not too big against this wall and think about all the storage it offers.

Dark Wood Entryway Shoe Rack

Now our list would not be complete without a closet that is customized.  We all hope to have one some day.

Under Stairs Shoe Closet

7 Tier 32 Pairs of Shoes Rack

The above model is a bit more industrial in appearance, which is why we chose it.  No matter what your home design is, there are options available.  Another suggestion here could be a shoe storage bench so that seating would be readily available when people are removing their footwear.

Storage Bench with 3 Drawers & Padded Seat Cushion

Haotian FSR23-W, White Storage Bench with 3 Drawers & Padded Seat Cushion, Hallway Bench Shoe Cabinet Shoe Bench

Portable Shoe Rack 8 Tiers 48 Pairs of Shoes