Modern Italian pouf table
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From the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia to the misty mountains of China and the balmy beaches of the Pacific, nature provides modern designers with a lot of inspiration. The Boost Pouf Table is a modern illustration of the tranquil characteristics of Southeast Asian culture. The Zen culture is inspired by multi-functionality and a desire to eliminate as much clutter as possible. In creating this unusually beautiful pouf, designers Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard brought out the singularity and authentic feel that is characteristic of Asian interior design.


The Multifunctional Boost Pouf Table by Norr11


Constructed with an inner wood frame and lid, this multipurpose pouf is a stunning showpiece. It is masterfully upholstered in leather and has a bulky, oversized appearance that adds to its peculiarity while at the same time offering a tasteful design element to any space.  Incorporate this piece into your living room to provide an alluring and stylish area for placing books and beverage trays. Decorated with clean lines and very minimal outwardly embellishment, the Boost Pouf Table by Norr11 adds soft, unintimidating accents to your interiors. Its versatile nature lends it to both interior and sheltered exterior relaxation spaces.


Modern Italian pouf table


Unlike the stringent concepts of Zen décor, new trends in Asian interior design are embracing a more relaxed and informal look. This offers more room for creativity using unique forms. The handcrafted Boost Pouf is illustrative of this precise transition from strict Zen to modern, hassle-free home decoration that embraces contemporary living and cultural accents at the same time.

Which corner of your living room could use the comforting sight of a leather pouf?