Vacuum cleaners are essential home appliances that can hardly be described as attractive. If you’re looking to replace yours consider the Airpouf ottoman and vacuum cleaner from Campeggi. Lorenzo Damiani, the designer, has worked on the regular vacuum cleaner to produce a piece that is an stool and a vacuum cleaner at the same time. It is a round, comfortable, innovative piece you’ll be proud to show off to all your friends.


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Airpouf Ottoman and Vacuum Cleaner

Revolutionary vacuum system


With the Airpouf ottoman and vacuum cleaner from Campeggi, your house will be as neat as a pin and always have extra seating. The piece has 3 small spheres on top which hide the sections of the vacuum cleaner. When opened, they provide access to the nozzle attachment, exhaust port, and start button. When closed, they create an ottoman pouf that is comfortable to sit on. The little sphere that controls the air valve is also a playful symbol; when the vacuum cleaner is on, it floats in the air with a surprising effect.


contemporary vacuum cleaner

vacuum pouf


The ottoman/vacuum cleaner comes in a range of vibrant colors fit for any space. For those with small apartments, an ottoman that also functions as a vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice. Instead of dragging an unattractive vacuum cleaner in and out of the closet every time you want to clean your home, you can place it in the living room and use it anytime you want. So what do you think about the Airpouf ottoman and vacuum cleaner for your space?