unique wall-mounted vases
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Generally speaking, vases are nothing to get excited about.  But take one of the simplest of forms, make it angular and hang it on a wall, perhaps in a mosaic of sorts, and fill the lot of them with simple architectural flowers, and out of nowhere you’ve got a wall worth talking about.  That’s the sort of thing that inspired today’s post, as a matter of fact.  These unique wall mounted vases from 1012 Terra are as minimalist as can be, and that’s a large part of their charm: realizing that the more pared-down a floral arrangement is, the more visual impact it holds, the designers took the same approach with the rhombus-shaped vases themselves.  The result is a sublime, zenlike effect that would be equally at home in a living room or an upscale spa.  Say founders Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada: “We started this brand to create products that mirror the constant changes of life, full of new discovery.” With such an easy, organic beauty to their wares, it certainly seems they’ve succeeded in what they set out to do.


Unique Wall Mounted Vases from 1012 Terra


rhombus vase


wall-mounted vase


Photo credits: 1012 Terra

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