15 Amazing Wall Shelving for Books Ideas and Designs 1
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Instead of old fashioned bookshelves, why not look for unique alternatives as a means to display and organize your literary collection? Organization is a must of course, but wall shelving could be the answer to a more stylish look. They’re less chunky, bulky, unsightly and space-consuming, which is great for smaller rooms, homes or apartments and you can find designs that work as artistic additions to the home. We did a little digging and found 15 Amazing Wall Shelving for Books Ideas and Designs that are fresh and fashion-forward ideas that we think you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with. Let’s have a look, shall we?

contemporary white bookcases

Modern with enough space for personal affects and trinkets to display, we love this easy and light shelving unit. It doesn’t take up too much space but it also does well with providing interest and clean looks to the walls. This is perfect for a study, home office, bonus room or even as a spot in your larger living area.

cool book storage

Giving the illusion of kids running in a field, we love this abstract “art” pieces that double as storage. This keeps within modern tempo but adds a lightness and family-friendly energy into any room of the house. It’s hard to keep a warmth in a home with a lot of contemporary infusion, but with pieces such as this, you get the best of both worlds.

creative book storage

Now, to get really interesting, we have a piece that doesn’t even look like a shelf at first glance. Fit your favorite hardcovers inside and have it double has a puzzling, artistic masterpiece in your bedroom or even in the kitchen for your cookbooks. It’s funky, fresh and will become a conversational piece for when guests come by.

dark wood bookshelf

A rustic charm and a modern design, this wall shelving system looks like a piece of art first and a place of storage second. We love the hominess but also unique power behind this design. The neutral foundation also gives it a versatility that a lot of shelving systems have but don’t have the added fashionable element.

geometric wall mounted shelves

Funky and spirited, we’re loving this youthful, modular piece. You can fit a lot more in this system than you may believe at first glance or, of course, fit both trinkets and books inside together. The neutral tone is perfect for versatility purposes but we’d also love to see this in bright, popping colors!

modern bookshelves

These fixtures are large and chunky but that’s okay if you have a very open and spacious room to put them in. You can see from both sides do you have to make sure it’s styled from all angles but that’s also where the fun and creativity comes into play.

oval wall mounted bookshelves

Probably our favorite from the bunch, these rounded wall shelves are such a fun pop for absolutely any room of the house. Of course, they’re great for organizing and displaying possessions, but you can truly use these for a variety of great ideas. From spices in the kitchen to essentials in the bathroom, these are very versatile picks!

picture frame book storage

Your eye didn’t fool you, these aren’t mirrors! These eclectic shelves resemble picture frames too, but they have a lip deep enough to hold your favorite novels inside. We love them hung in a collage of sorts for the bedroom, home office or even in the hallway  … but we feel that they’re also strong enough to stand on their own or in pastel colors, bright shades or funky prints!

round wall mounted bookshelf

These wall shelving systems work separately but they also work together, reminiscent of a film roll – perfect for a movie room to hold all your media! They’re modern enough to  hang in different rooms of the house as well with its clean and easy shapes and lines.

shelves made from pipes

If you’re looking for something completely outside-the-box and even a bit eclectic and industrial, look no further than this masculine idea. Utilize any nook or corner of the house with a system such as this, it’ll hold more novels than you may think and help to transform any room into something much more unusual.  The old brick looks great with the pipes which could easily be done in an old loft or flat.

standing metal bookcase

This may not be an actual wall system but we sure do love this shelf that can stand alone. We love how it can create interest in a room, fill a corner and all the while organize and tidy up a space that doesn’t need any chaos to take away from its overall look.

tree bookshelf

We may have found the perfect addition to the kids’ room or even their playroom. A reading corner just got so much more fun and stylish. A tree turned into a bookshelf, it’s quite the genius idea and it’s the perfect way to fill a bare corner and clean up messes – all while making a playful statement.

two tone bookshelf

We love the pockets this shelving system has for extra novels to find a home in. It’s quaint, it’s not too bulky and would be the perfect addition to your home office. We love the interest and small details it has making a more traditional idea so much more intriguing and stylish.

ultra modern bookshelf

Here’s another stand-alone piece that can cure a bare corner and pick up the excess clutter with ease. It’s modern, it’s trendy and it’s perfect for your own hipster-inspired apartment. We’d love it in bright colors but of course, the neutral tones make a much more versatile piece.

wavy bookcase

Gorgeous, bold and luxurious in design, this golden, glimmering storage unit is perfect for room partitioning or creating a focal point in more spacious rooms. It fits inside a contemporary vision or even one with a more traditional, family-friendly feel while still being stylish!