Timeless Design: Eames Storage Unit 400 Series

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Hard to believe, but the modern-looking, high-tech Eames Storage Unit 400 Series was designed way back in the 1950’s. This was a time when terms like modular design did not even exist in the design dictionaries. Charles and Ray Eames created the storage unit using their foresight and vision. The two qualities shine through brightly. Eames Storage Unit 400 Series was made using industrial production techniques that generated a modern aesthetic.


Eames Storage Unit 400 Series by Eames Office

Eames Office


Fabricated out of plastic-coated plywood, lacquered Masonite, and chrome-plated steel framing, the lightweight, Eames Storage Unit 400 Series by Eames Office makes no effort to screen the industrial look of the materials used in its construction. The piece is available in three different sizes and several configurations to provide just the right kind of storage for your requirements. Apart from being an impeccable storage unit, Eames 400 Series can easily be stacked and used as partitions. It is an honest acknowledgement to the unending need for space with its grid of shelving, drawers and cases. Its steel cross-supports and uprights lend stability while its painted hardboard panels and molded plywood sliding doors add to its already charming aesthetics. Like all other Eames products, the standard parts of Eames Storage Unit 400 Series are completely replaceable and easily adaptable to the numerous home and office storage needs.


Storage Unit 400 Series


So, when searching for a storage unit that bears a multifaceted personality and can hold all your essentials, look no further than the Eames Storage Unit 400 Series. Its industrial looks perfectly complement its modular persona creating the perfect piece for homes and offices.

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