Polka Dots Buffet by Horm

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When retro designs are merged with modern architecture, the result is a match made in heaven. Only few pieces of decor are able to attain this rare yet alluring mix of old and new. The Polka Dots Buffet by Horm is one of them. It embodies a mishmash of contemporary artwork infused with an unmistakable retrograde vibe. Designed by the renowned architect Toyo Ito, this storage and decorative unit is characterized by solid, clean, and sharp edges that are characteristic of a minimalist masterpiece.


Illuminate Your Space with the Polka Dots Buffet by Horm

Modern storage unit with interior lighting


Even more appealing to the eye are the whimsical circular inserts on the front doors that seem to stand out in stark contrast to the compact and solitary composition of this piece. Made from frosted methacrylate, they add to the quirky yet stylish appeal of the Polka Dots Buffet by Horm. Like haphazard shimmering stars hanging against a dark background, the polka dots glitter brilliantly lighting the interior light. The buffet’s fanciful display of soft shadows and sparkling lights resembles the Za-Koenji Theater in Tokyo, another of Toyo Ito’s display of architectural prowess.


polka dots buffet by Toyo Ito


The low-lying legs that feature a sturdy, circular base add to the retro appeal of this artistic buffet. Bright interior lighting is complemented by frosted glass shelves that enhance the glimmer of the methacrylate polka dots. Whether used for storage or as a decorative element, this artful piece of work is designed to infuse warmth, modishness, and effervescence to just about any space.

Which space in your home could use a magical interplay of light and soft shadows?