Stunning Wall Shelving Ideas

Contemporary Designs for Wall Shelving Systems

There are a million ways to display and organize everything from books to trinkets, but wall shelves pick up “stuff” off the ground and tidy up nooks and crannies.

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If you are looking for a way to display your precious family photos and cherished knickknacks, floating shelves can be the perfect option. You also get storage space with this type of shelf because it doesn’t take up any floor area. We have compiled some great options that will suit whatever style is right for you home!

Floating shelves have become popular for displaying photographs or other items such as books and plants on the wall without having them lying around your living space. They’re really easy to install too – just secure them with screws into the studs behind your drywall above where you want it hung (hanging this type on plaster walls is possible too). You’ll need one person holding each end while screwing if it’s heavy enough- otherwise two people.

Instead of using the plain traditional, wooden pieces that are seen in every house, we’ve found some stylish and modern ideas that would not only help organize, but bring a bit of fashionable interior design into the home. Let’s have a peek at 15 Cool and Contemporary Designs for Wall Shelving Systems, that can update and beautify your home’s living room.

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A Quick View of “THE” Most Popular Shelving Systems
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Rustic and Wood Wall Floating Shelving

Don’t you just love these whimsical, circular pieces? They are definitely outside the box in terms of traditional design, but they’re functional making them such a great option. Something different with this round rustic framed shelving with a wooden base. Three shelves in total that will add a nice and simple design to any wall in any room.

Key Features

  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Torched finish wood
  • Iron metal frame

KingSo Wall Shelf Rustic Wood Floating Shelves,Decorative Wall Shelf for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office and More (Round)

Two Floating Shelves With Towel Holders

Floating shelves are made of high-quality radiata pine wood metal frame that is dampproof, heat resistant. With protective guards and towel holders, durable for bearing capacity strong. Soduku rustic wood wall shelves offer you a best choice! Efficiently use your empty wall to create a storage solution without taking any valuable floor space while the rustic wood shelf matches almost every decoration in great style for your kitchen closet dining room living room bedroom bath or office.

Floating shelves with rails can provide a lot of storage for your bathroom and the extra security makes it worth looking into. The set includes two matching shelves that you could hang side by side or vertically, depending on what will work best in your space!

Key Features

  • High-quality radiata pine wood
  • Metal structure design
  • Protective guards
  • Removable towel holders

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom,Set of 2 Brown

Gold Wall Shelving

Do you feel like your floor space is disappearing as storage areas take over? Have you been looking for a way to organize and decorate that cluttered junk drawer, the kitchen countertop, or even the center of your living room with something attractive but still functional too? If so then we have just what you need! The BOLUO floating shelf will not only help create order in an otherwise messy area.

It also has great decorative appeal because the designers took into account both function and aesthetics when making it. Unlike other products on the market these shelves are made from quality materials which means they’re durable yet beautiful at any location around your home where there’s enough wall-space available – no matter how high up off ground level!

BOLUO Gold Wall Shelf Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving Bedroom Living Room Shelfs Kitchen 3 Tier Bookshelf 24 Inch Modern White and Gold

Floating Rustic Wall Shelving

A personal favorite of the entire list, the interest and texture of this system is stunning. The combination of colors, which are a bit hipster and definitely on trend are a great way to bring in new life into the home. And what’s so beneficial about this system is all the extra spaces you can utilize and decorate with!

PETAFLOP Floating Wall Shelves Set of 3, Rustic Wood Storage Shelf for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room

Industrial Display Shelving

For something that fits in a more traditional and rustic of spots consider this idea for inspiration. The industrial, mixed material feel adds interest and stylish appeal to even the most minimalist and masculine of spaces. This would fit great inside a home office or even in the infamous man cave!

WGX Design For You Industrial 6-Tiers Modern Ladder Shelf Bookcase ,Wood Storage Shelf,Display Shelving, Wall Mounted Wood Shelves, Metal Wood Shelves Bookshelf Vintage Wrought Iron Finish

Industrial Rustic Wood Floating Shelf

Sleek, sophisticated and functional too, we are loving this modern an slender example. They have a bit of fashionable flair with the slight details but they’re also very posh and elegant as well with their smooth lines. It’s perfect for media storage but also a great way to display trinkets and decor pieces too.

XFPINK-Shelf Industrial Floating Pipe Wall Shelves Rustic Wood Shelving 4 Layer Ladder Hanging Bookshelf for Bedroom Office Decor

Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Floating Shelves

Not all systems have to “stick together.” This picture is more of a mixed and matched feel. It’s traditional and a bit “zen” inspired, which we love, but it’s also very contemporary with its puzzle piece finish. The chocolate brown finish also helps for blending into a variety of different spaces.

Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Mounted Floating Shelves - Set of 3 Bookshelf,DIY Storage Shelving,Hung Bracket,Bookcase (Set of 3 Ladder Shelves)

Inspired Wall Shelf In Metal and Wood

Primitives By Kathy is dedicated to providing customers with the best selection of high-quality home décor, gifts and accessories. One example from their extensive collection is this beautiful round distressed metal wall hanging which measures 12.5 inches in diameter x 4 inches deep. It features a wooden shelf that’s easy to hang on any door or wall surface for an eye catching display area where you can keep your favorite items out within view all year long!

Primitives by Kathy 38024 Rustic-Inspired Wall Shelf, Metal and Wood

Rope Hanging Rustic Wood Shelves

The distressed wood and rope combination is a unique take on the hanging rustic shelves. The versatility of this piece makes it perfect for both indoor or outdoor use, whether you’re looking to add some character in your living room, bedroom, dorm room-or even out on the deck!

Key Features

  • Useful shelf to hold and display small plants, picture frames, decorative items or knickknacks
  • A striking decorative accent, provide a touch of warmness and rustiness to any space applied
  • Complements farmhouse or rustic decor as well as nautical decor

Yankario Rope Hanging Floating Shelves, Rustic Wood Wall Decor Swing Shelf with 4 Hooks, Pack of 2

Heart Shaped Wall Shelves

Here’s another personal favorite from the entire list, this heart shaped example acts as both function and art in this neutral covered living room. Clean lines and smooth edges never looked so feminine than this. We love the combination of girlish charm and contemporary flair.

PENGKE 3-Tier Rustic Floating Wall Shelves - Industrial Modern Farmhouse Shelving for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bath Decor, Display & Storage

Metal and Wood Three Tier Wall Shelves

Similar to the piece just above, this system is even edgier than its above counterpart. And unlike the design above, this example has a more masculine essence but still a very artistic quality that we find intriguing and inviting. Hang more than one to create a unique focus point in any room.

TFer Floating Shelves Cat Wall Mounted Hanging Shelf Hexagon Rustic Farmhouse Shelves for Wall Decor,Storage | Metal Bracket and Reclaimed Natural Wood Shelf for Living Room,Bedroom,Bathroom,Kitchen

Stunning Three Tier Shelving

Simple and sweet, this dark metal and modern wooden wonder works in any type of home and nearly any style theme you could imagine in a contemporary mindset. We love the shape, sharp lines and of course the crisp, neutral foundation which makes it perfect for blending.

RoomA Slideable Design Floating Shelf for Wall Shelf | Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Rustic Bedroom Decor Bookshelf- Modern, Aesthetic, Hanging, Tier, Book, Storage, Nursery, Bathroom, Display