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Sectional seats became increasingly popular at the end of the 20th century. They emphasize minimalism and flaunt solid geometric shapes. Their versatility and continuity is unmatched as they emulate different furniture pieces.

They complete contemporary living rooms beautifully. Modular sofas like the Reef Sofa often comprise similar or disparate modular units that can be organized in many ways. They have innovative features such as power recliners and ample storage. They perfectly merge comfort, functionality, and convenience.


Living room designs. The Ultramodern Reef Sofa by Oliver B Group

contemporary corner sofa for large living rooms


Modularity is an ongoing trend and a major requirement in many homes. It is what makes the Reef Sofa by Oliver B Group so appealing. With a wealth of arrangements, Reef allows you to transform your living room to suit your needs and personal taste. Its clean lines and the simple, no-frills construction make it perfect for a variety of living spaces.

The sofa brings allure to contemporary living. Whether you are looking to fill up a large space or to add a dash of gentle comfort to a smaller space, its different variations will help you accomplish your task.


contemporary armchairs for modern living rooms


Gone are the days when a sofa only had a single look for its entire existence. Modular seats have now made it possible for homeowners to completely reconstruct their spaces. The Reef Sofa offers a particularly roomy seating experience making your living room a comfy spot for family and friends. It is an ultramodern sofa for the ultramodern home.

Which type of modular sofa best complements your space? The larger one or the smaller one?

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