Comfortable Recliner Chairs for Big and Tall Men

It is quite impossible to imagine a modern house or apartment without a recliner – a comfortable place where you can read or simply sit down and rest after a long and hard day. It usually is a wide cushioned seat surrounded by a high back, large armrests, and a vast base.

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But are all recliners equally comfortable? Moreover – are they all beneficial to our spine, neck, and legs? Finding the right recliner will depend a lot on who you are, big and tall men, male or female, and your weight for the recliner, especially if you are looking for a recliner for a big man or woman.

Details and parameters that provide comfort and support may vary for people of different ages. It is vital to identify your individual needs and preferences, and pay attention to them when choosing the most suitable recliner. And we are here to help you a little.

Manual Reclining Chair Oversized Vintage Leather

  • Quality Material: The leather recliner can meet all your luxury wish, with heavy-duty steel as the base, solid laminated veneer wood as the frame, high-density foam as the filling, and high-permeability bonded leather as the surface .
  • Humanized Design: The arched armrest is not only comfortable and soft, but also decorated with classic brass accent nails. This recliner is designed with thick armrests and backrest, and there are two full pillows on its head and back. The overall curve is beautiful and very soft.
  • Family Essential: Perfect pick for nurseries and living areas alike. And you can adjust different tilt angles(90°-150°) according to your own preferences and posture. Our recliner is useful for any time you want to relax.
  • Specification: Measure 41”W x 38”D x 40”H, Expanded Length-65.4”, Seat Height-19”, Seat Dimensions-22”W x 21.5”D, Arms Height -25”, Weight Capacity-300 lbs.
  • Warm Tips: IOMOR Fabric recliner chair provide 3 years warranty. Professional customer service team will offer 24 hours friendly support.
  • Note: The detailed size information has been marked on the picture, please check clearly before placing an order

IOMOR Manual Reclining Chair, Oversized Vintage Leather Recliner Chair for Living Room (Brown)

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Choosing The Right Recliner

What is the difference between a big and tall recliner and a regular chair? Features like softness, height, availability of armrests, supports, materials, and completion do not show a critical difference, you can easily find a relatively comfortable armchair that is designed for home use.

However, all recliners offer a whole different level of relaxation. Even if it is an office model, many mobile ones can be taken out to the balcony or garden, have a footrest option, a special stand for glasses, a built-in lamp, and other accessories.

These are some parameters for good quality home recliners

  • size – large, medium, or small.
  • stability – they can be supported (with standard four legs, runners, without hind legs, with a round base) or suspended.
  • purpose – recliners for working at a computer or a desk (office), massage and relaxation, transformers, a sleeping place.
  • framed or frameless.
  • soft, semi-rigid, hard.
  • manual, automatic, or a stable steady.
  • Good support and comfortable.

One of the key elements of recliners is the reclining mechanism itself: it can be lever or electric. The latter will spare you all effort: you need to simply tap the button and wait for the chair to transform! The controls can be touch-sensitive, push-button, or remote.

If you already have an idea how your perfect recliner should look, you can choose the materials.

Frames can be made of nearly anything. The most common choices include durable, high quality, and eco-friendly ones materials, such as oak, ash, beech, walnut, rattan, and metal alloys, and different plastic.

Options for the upholstery are almost unlimited: natural or eco-leather recliner, microfiber, velour, velvet, flock, or micro-corduroy, with linen or cotton mattings or even fabrics with cashmere.

They also use natural and synthetic materials as a filler: horsehair and felt, sintepon as a pad, polyurethane foam and holofiber, foam rubber.


Things To Consider For Your New Recliner

When choosing a perfect recliner for lazy evenings, always bear your own comfort in mind. You want to make sure that the recliner you buy will not only suit your home decor but also make your evenings pleasant.

It should serve a whole range of purposes, allowing you to watch tv, recline and rest, or rest something in a straight but comfortable position. Your recliner should be designed with comfort.

The selection criteria will differ depending on whether you want a recliner for an elderly person or a child, a short person, or a tall one. However, there are some rules you might keep in mind while choosing.

  • Lumbar support or leg support is a necessity to avoid back pain.
  • The seat should slightly sink back to allow back muscles relaxation.
  • You may need a wide oversized recliner for better comfort.
  • Consider a power lift or rocker reclining chair.
  • Consider a leather reclining chair for your comfort.
  • The armrests should allow you to place your arms without raising your shoulders. If the armrests are too high and wide, the shoulders and neck will quickly get tired.
  • A tall back recliner will support your neck and shoulders, while a short one will let you recline a bit – the best option is the adjustable one.

If you are looking for a big man recliner, you should try out some models first. If you have a decent store near you check their selection of recliners. Big men need a heavy duty recliner with a powerful frame and a good maximum weight capacity.  Make sure you choose a strong and heavy duty solid preferable leather recliner.

You may be interested in a power rocking reclining chair or a transformer, which can be quite huge, with a retractable footrest or with a free-standing pouf, which can be used in other cases as a stool. A suspended or an egg-shaped model may be more suitable for a tiny person.

A footrest is designed purely for relaxation in case of adults, but it is a matter of safety when you are looking for a recliner for a child. Mobile models, such as a bean bag, may be an excellent solution for restless children.

To Sum Up

The times of monolithic chairs “like the ones everyone else have” are in the past. Thanks to the growing number of manufacturers, you have more and more choices, hence a higher possibility to purchase the most comfortable recliner that will be perfectly suitable for your needs and taste.

Nearly every recliner chair model has a reclining counterpart, so be sure to know what you are looking for. The right position of your back, arms and legs will allow your body to relax, relieve pain and improve circulation.

Even if it takes a little bit longer to find the perfect model, it will definitely be worth all the effort.