The Lofoten Modular Sofa System from Casmania was designed by Luca Nichetto as a way to allow inspiration on the part of the product owner.   People have such varying preferences that by allowing them to be part of furniture configuration can ensure that each person can have a comfortable seat at the table.   I found this ensemble to be particularly interesting.   The colors are striking and that alone can make for interesting arrays of hues and tones.  The fabric patterns also add some vibrancy to the collection providing a backdrop that is not mundane or plain.

The word Lofoten has its roots from Norwegian islands using that same name.  The geography there has lots of sections that come together to form an archipelago.   The area is highlighted by mountains, inlets and sheltered coves.  In some way, that makes me think of privacy or a personal space.  So perhaps Luca drew upon that for design inspiration.

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Lofoten Modular Sofa System

I like the example above which would make for a wonderful sitting area for a contemporary office.  The colors are bright and fun helping shape a positive outlook for patrons waiting to be seen.  I did find the high back cushions of interest.  It reminded me a little of wall panels since in this arrangement, they would not be serving as backrests.

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Waiting Room Furniture Ideas

furniture that can be reconfigured

Use in a Private Home

The picture above illustrated more of what could appear in a home.  Often we associate modular with only public places and not private.  The truth is that you could have great space that is inviting using the same concepts, but in a different way than seen in the “waiting room” style shown earlier.

I could see children having so much fun on the above Lofoten modular sofa system configuration.  They could run and play and do lots of activities and burn up the extra energy they have.  You can also reconfigure when you have company over and want a more traditional style seating for family and guests.