Inspirations For Your Own Vegetable Garden

There are some excellent patio planter inspirations around in that green oasis you can create in order to have a relaxation spot that can be changed or customized at anytime without having to worry about redesigning the entire area.

In a world that is covered more and more by concrete, what could be more enjoyable than to use outdoor planters to decorate patios or public spaces.

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Patio Planter Ideas

With easy to follow instructions included, the assembly of your garden planters will be quick and simple. Each hanging plastic box container is 27″; provides adequate room for your plants without wasting precious space in a small apartment, balcony, or any outside area.

Grow a variety of herbs, seeds, flowers, succulents, or vegetables in just a single area at home.

Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter with 4 Container Boxes

Elevated Planter with 4 Container Boxes - Indoor and Outdoor

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Conceived as the most comforting decorations that we can put outside, the public and patio planters come in an infinity of shapes, materials and sizes that can be perfect for plants, trees, and flowers.

Using these amazing and innovative outdoor containers one can easily turn that dull, concrete city space into a beautiful garden perfect for a moment of relaxation or intended to emanate beautiful, natural flower scents.

These are items that will give your office patio, your garden, or even your living room, pizazz and style.


Planter Cedar Privacy Screen

  • Wooden slats on the panels are perfect for providing privacy and supporting climbing plants
  • Made from 100% Premium, Exterior grade Cedar Lumber
  • Integrated planters and slat panels help maximize garden space
  • Self-standing and can be installed on any surface
  • 3-Panel hinged design allows the self-standing structure to be configured to fit your space requirements

Fusion Planter Cedar Privacy Screen Brown Wood

patio planters for indoor or outdoors

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Tall Planters Outdoor Black Flower Plant Pots

Large patio planter pots are perfect for creating a bold design statement in your home, office or garden having the power to transform any space, outdoor or even interior, by offering it a organic point of attraction.

These pieces of art will look great in any type of decor, classic, modern or contemporary, and offer the jungle escape you need in this concrete infested world.

Tall Planters Outdoor Indoor

Tall Planters Outdoor Indoor -

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Often might think that these decors are perfect just for spring and summer, but with such a variety of plants and trees, you can create a statement even during the winter time or colder periods, using plants that can withstand extreme colds and create a green oasis even when surrounded by snow.

Wood Plant Stand Plant Display

Plant Display for Indoor or Outdoor Garden Lawn

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The contemporary designs featured in this article are not only useful, but they are also created to bring out the beauty of your trees, plants and flowers.

Barrel Planter Large Burnt Oak Finish

Barrel Planter Large 55cm Burnt Oak Finish

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Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey Barrel


Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey Barrel 15" Distressed Oak

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Vegetables Plant Raised Bed Kits

These style of vegetable planters are now very popular in 2020 as they are perfect for keeping those pesky mice away from the roots of your vegetables. They allow your vegetables to grow happily and keep the roots intact, which is what we all want when we plant our vegetables hoping the mice will not eat them.

Now you can be safe in the knowledge that they will not get to them.

  • Multi-purpose & Space Saving: Easy to assemble. Home and garden decoration. The planter box can easily be converted to indoor or outdoor use, perfect for planting in the balcony, terrace, garden, backyard, patios or the corners in your living room.
  • Our vegetable elevated garden bed Rattan design, stylish atmosphere, random combination, easy to build a customized shape and configuration of small sunshine garden, rattan elevated garden bed is made of PP material with stable and safe structure.
  • DRAINAGE SYSTEM DESIGN: It features with the design of self-watering disk and drain hole. It provides extra space for water run-off to be preserved, allowing roots to aerate while having moisture nearby, thereby protecting the plant from rot and over-drying.
  • GREAT PATIO PLANTER: Each garden box can fill in 0.85 cubic feet of dirt (6.3 gallon). Stands at 16 inches tall with extra brackets for one set. Enjoy the perfect size and DIY assembly method for your square foot gardening.
  • NO TOOLS TO ASSEMBLE: Each corner-connector piece is 7.5-inch, and then 2 flat panels slide into each side section. Putting this garden box together was pretty easy without any tools (check with installation video in this listing).
  • Low maintenance cost, our high-quality vegetable elevated garden bed is durable and does not require additional maintenance. It is the ideal choice for various plants. If you have any questions about the purchase, we will always help you.
  • GARDEN DECOR WITH NO ROT ANYMORE: Rattan-style appearance with dark brown properly match the trim on your garden. It allow you to have a beautiful garden.
  • KINGMYS Raised Garden Bed is made of reinforced PP materials which is safety and sturdy for plant.

Vegetables Plant Raised Bed Kits

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Garden Patio Ideas

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