10 Cool Contemporary Planters

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We could all use a bit of green in our lives and making a backyard fashion statement with one of these Cool Contemporary Planters can add some beauty can really add some style.

For those of us with only a mildly to moderately green thumb, there’s a simple alternative to actual gardening: luckily for us, there’s an entire industry of self-watering flower pots and easy-to-use terrariums on the market today.

Even if it’s just a tiny herb garden on a kitchen counter or windowsill or a single cactus — no irrigation required — on a front patio or back balcony, there’s something for everyone at every skill level or lack thereof when it comes to the realm of botany.

Since spring is still several months away and the odds of seeing leaves and blooms astride the sidewalk are low to nonexistent, we just may have to take matters into our own hands.

So, we’ve rounded up a collection of ten cool contemporary planters to help bring a little sunshine of sorts into our lives. We hope you find one that help beautify your patio or garden area.

10 Cool Contemporary Planters

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