There is nothing like a pretty outdoor space to compliment a home.  When the weather is right you can enjoy it on your own or with family and friends.  For human beings, getting some fresh air is good for the soul and the mind.  With that thought, we want to share 12 amazing stone patio designs that moved us by their inspiration and decorative feel.  It’s great to look at pictures and see how others have created their special place and what type of patterns and style were used.  Another consideration is how you create the outdoor grounds and compliment it with furniture.  This can allow you to use your own decorative flair so that your personality can show through to friends and family.
backyard with stone wall

black stone patio

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brick and stone patio designs

circular stone patio designs

What a great circular pattern here to draw attention to the area.

grey and black stone patio

The lime green cushions go well with the gray stone work.

light stone patio designs

natural rock patio

natural slate patio

slate patio designs

small stone patio

stamped concrete patio designs

stone patio designs

All of these designs are great examples of how to use stone outdoors and create a look that works for you and your family.  Enjoy the ideas and see if you can find something that fits your own home.